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Our 2016 Technology Predictions That Will Impact Your Business

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 12/29/15 8:00 AM

For all the gusto surrounding predicting the future, it’s rarely a good look. Thousands of words are spilt on sports and politics and entertainment forecasts each year and most of them look ridiculous in hindsight.

So why do it?

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Topics: Industry Trends, New Tech

Death of the Commute: How Driverless Cars Will Save Your Workday

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 11/4/15 5:44 AM

Google’s self-driving car project could spur one million different think pieces.

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Topics: Google, Industry Trends, Driverless, New Tech

Stop Using QR Codes

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/28/15 4:44 AM


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Topics: Digital Marketing, QR Codes, Industry Trends

Want to Lead Your Industry? Partner with an Innovation Agency

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/17/15 9:58 AM

What is an Innovation Agency?

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Innovation Agency, Innovation, Strategy, Industry Trends, Nucleus

The Future of Voice Recognition

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/8/15 1:00 AM
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Topics: Industry Trends, Voice Recognition

Virtual is Reality: Why VR is Coming Your Way

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/4/15 4:00 AM

The Sci-Fi genre continuously suggests a future with more screens, more wearables, and more… lasers.

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Topics: Virtual Reality, VR, Industry Trends

How to Completely Change Workplace Safety

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 6/1/15 11:00 PM

“Better safe than sorry” the cliché rings out in your head.

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Topics: iBeacons, Proximity Technology, Safety, Wearables, Workplace, Industry Trends

Fun and Gamification: What You Need to Know

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 5/20/15 1:00 AM

In my best DMX voice: YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME?

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Topics: Games, Gamification, Strategy, Industry Trends

6 Benefits of Allowing Your Employees To Bring Their Own Device [Infographic]

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 5/13/15 7:00 AM

To categorize smartphones, laptops, or tablets as ‘office supplies’ is misguided – maybe even ludicrous.

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Topics: BYOD, Strategy, Devices, Operations, Industry Trends, Employees

OneFire CEO Jake Hamann Talks Innovation In April's IBI Magazine

Posted by ONEFIRE on 4/2/15 5:26 AM

The April Issue of InterBusiness Issues (IBI) magazine is packed full of Technology topics like driverless cars, cybersecurity and cloud computing. OneFire's CEO, Jake Hamann, had the opportunity to sit down with the team from IBI for a Q&A session all about innovation and how OneFire and Startup Peoria fit into this space.

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Topics: News, InterBusiness Issues, Innovation, Industry Trends, IBI

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