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OneFire Launches "Idea Accelerator" Division in Peoria

Posted by ONEFIRE on 8/5/15 1:00 AM

PEORIA, IL August 5, 2015-- OneFire, Inc. announces the launch of OneFire Labs. OneFire Labs is an idea accelerator that uses a repeatable and proven process to fully and rapidly realize ideas and turn them into products, services, and standalone new companies.

This new offering encourages ideas from the OneFire team, as well as its clients and outside innovators. Using an internally developed process called Nucleus, OneFire Labs can move an idea through design and prototyping to development and delivery in the most efficient way possible. OneFire Labs will help great ideas become tangible realities.

President and CEO Jake Hamann said, “OneFire Labs provides exponential growth opportunities for OneFire’s overall business and will serve our clients and the community by offering a mechanism to repeatedly test and launch new ventures.”

OneFire has already taken several ideas through the Nucleus process and has experienced repeated success. OneFire Labs aims to replicate that success and establish a permanent base for ideas to grow, develop, and come to fruition.

Vice President Jason Parkinson said, “We’ve already been testing the Nucleus process internally and have had great success bringing our internal ideas to market. Now we have a proven method to help others innovate and launch their own ideas.”

To further bolster the launch of this initiative, OneFire Labs has tapped local investor and respected advisor Steve Zika to lead this effort. Steve brings over 15 years of experience in corporate strategy development and operations as well as in-depth startup knowledge during his time in Silicon Valley, Austin and locally in the Peoria area.

To learn more about OneFire Labs or to submit your own idea, please visit: www.onefire.com/labs

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UI LABS Announces OneFire as Strategic Vendor for Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII)

Posted by ONEFIRE on 5/19/15 3:02 AM

PEORIA, IL May 19, 2015-- OneFire, a Peoria-based innovation agency, has worked with UI LABS and their Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), to develop touch screen technology to be used throughout the recently opened manufacturing hub in downtown Chicago. DMDII is the nation's flagship research institute for applying cutting-edge digital manufacturing technologies.

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OneFire Releases "CheckPoint" App To Improve Employee Accountability

Posted by ONEFIRE on 4/27/15 4:38 AM

Each March, a cold sweat strikes managers across the country. March Madness is about to push eyes, ears and minds off task. What will happen when employees forget key parts of their job while they’re distracted with the big game.

Instead of employees sneaking into a storage closet, bending an antenna to catch a game or see a score on a grainy old TV, technology has opened up the floodgates of diversion. Stream the game on your laptop or your tablet. Compulsively check your smartphone for scores. Now that the Apple Watch is here, it’s another road to distraction.

Or, is it a fork in the road? Can the Apple Watch be more enterprise tool than terror? With brand new apps like CheckPoint, all signs point to the former.

CheckPoint is about accountability and helping employees stay on task. Instead of guessing whether your security guard checked every entrance, CheckPoint can tell you exactly what doors were checked and ensure that the job is getting done.

For an example of how CheckPoint will work, let’s stick with our security guard. By placing Bluetooth beacons at every outside door of an office building, CheckPoint allows guards to ‘check in’ in real time at each door as they’re doing their rounds, ensuring they’re locked. When a guard approaches a checkpoint, the Watch prompts them to ‘check in’. That action records the check in time, location, and employee and reports them to a dashboard display, accessible by managers.

The use cases of an app like this are nearly limitless. There are numerous situations where the ground that needs to be covered in the course of a job is tough to manage. Think about custodial staff in an airport. CheckPoint lets you breath easy – no bathroom was neglected. It can help nurses log what they’ve checked with each patient. It can be used in grocery stores or retail, to help store managers hit each store section they need to monitor. Allowing employees to check in during an emergency situation also proves to be a valuable solution all provided by the CheckPoint platform.

CheckPoint is not publicly available in the App Store, but is a customizable OneFire platform, aimed at helping enterprise customers ease their minds and keep their team accountable.

As the Apple Watch enters your workplace, don’t see it as an invader. As apps like CheckPoint prove, the Apple Watch can work hard too.




Check out another business focused app from OneFire. ‘FollowUp’ is the seamless way to stay on top of your day.

Download The Nucleus Process Map


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Throw Away Your Sticky Notes, New OneFire Watch App Makes Your Workday Make Sense

Posted by ONEFIRE on 4/26/15 4:55 AM

Somehow, in a world where there’s a calendar and note-taking app on every laptop, smartphone and tablet, sticky notes have survived. They’re tacked onto your monitor. They’re plastered on your desk. Maybe one is stuck on your back, on accident.

Is there is a better way? Of course. There’s been multiple ‘better ways’ released over the past few years. But with each release of a calendar app or a notification app or a digital assistant of some kind (sorry, Siri), we can’t get it quite right. It’s too intrusive. It’s too impractical. Its voice becomes grating (again, we’re really sorry, Siri). OneFire may have just cracked the code with ‘FollowUp’.

FollowUp is a new Apple Watch app that cuts out everything irritating about its predecessors and leaves its users with a clean, seamless way to – fittingly enough – follow up effectively with what they need to.

What makes FollowUp different? Users give FollowUp access to their calendar and contacts. From there, FollowUp takes over.

Imagine you’re in a meeting. It’d be weird to dictate a note out loud. It’d be impolite to type out a calendar reminder or full note while someone’s talking. The FollowUp app, pulls up the meeting you’re in and with a tap of your watch, you can identify contacts or items that you want to follow up with. Select your preferences, and FollowUp can send those reminders to you through e-mail, push notifications, or more.

While FollowUp does allow for dictation of longer notes, its genius lies in its subtlety. With one or two taps of your watch, you can manage your contacts and projects mid-meeting, without missing a beat.

This is the kind of the app that is going to cause widespread cases of co-workers leering over shoulders to try to figure out how anyone can stay on top of everything, all of the time. The secret’s simple: you just need to FollowUp.

Coming soon to the app store!


How can the Apple Watch transform your business? OneFire has just released ‘CheckPoint’: a platform that keeps employees accountable and managers informed.

Download The Nucleus Process Map

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Former Radio Sales Executive Named as Director of Business Development at OneFire

Posted by ONEFIRE on 3/31/15 9:32 AM

PEORIA, IL, March 31, 2015 -- Robert Swinehart has been named Director of Business Development at OneFire in Peoria, Illinois. Swinehart will partner with customers to identify and implement OneFire digital solutions to develop and grow their businesses. Prior to joining OneFire, Swinehart spent 25 years in broadcast sales and management, most recently as Director of Sales for Advanced Media Partners, a four-station radio group where he implemented a successful sales strategy that included non-traditional revenue programs using radio and digital marketing.

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Digital Company Providing Free Resources to Help Businesses Navigate Tech Trends

Posted by ONEFIRE on 2/3/15 2:29 AM

PEORIA, IL, February 3, 2015 -- Living in a global information age, businesses are constantly bombarded by innovation, the latest gadgets and information. Wading through the noise to make sense of what is the best for one's company can be a web of confusion.

Digital strategy leader OneFire has launched a new website with several components that decipher the latest trends and provide information in a format that is easy to use and easy to understand.

"We are living in a post-PC business environment with everything moving to mobile platforms," said Jason Parkinson, OneFire vice president and chief operating officer. "At OneFire it is our priority to learn everything we can about the latest digital technology and applications, and determine how companies can leverage these innovations to grow their business. With our new website, blog, and podcast, we are taking what we have learned and making it available beyond our client base."

OneFire has also unveiled its new Inside Business Tech podcast. A component of the company's blog, Inside Business Tech is a weekly podcast that covers the latest trends in technology and business, and highlights business headlines in a quick news format.

"The Inside Business Tech podcast is produced so that anyone doing their morning workout, or driving to work can easily listen," said Parkinson, who is also the host of the podcast. "It's short -- no more than five minutes -- and at the end of podcast we provide a ten-second summary that gives listeners a take-away they can apply in their own businesses."

The website's blog is a platform for OneFire's team of digital strategists to dive a little deeper into business and technology trends. A recent blog post provided readers a firsthand look at business applications for technology announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Other topics have included tips on working with Millennials, content marketing, and business strategy.

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OneFire Releases "What The Fish?!" Mobile Game

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 10/16/14 3:19 AM

(Peoria, IL) -- Adding to its growing catalog of technology innovations, OneFire, Inc. has released a mobile game that is designed to work on all iOS platforms including the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 released on October 16.

Giving a nod to the proliferation of Asian Carp in Illinois waterways, the "What the Fish?!" game allows users to compete against their friends in a fun and crazy flying fish game. In "What the Fish?!", the player is driving a boat down the river and punching as many fish as possible without missing more than three. By hitting more fish, players unlock Game Center achievements. Players start the game punching fish with a fist, but can upgrade and purchase man-made "fishing" tools such as a shotgun, crossbow, dynamite, and more.

"What started as a simple teambuilding project in our office has turned into an awesome game that puts a creative spin on the many ways used to fish Asian carp" said Jason Parkinson, OneFire Vice President and COO, "Our email is blowing up faster than the fish since we released the game earlier this week."

The "What the Fish?!" game is available as a free download in the Apple App Store or by visiting http://1fi.re/whatthefish. It is compatible with iOS devices including iPhones, the iPod Touch and iPads.


Located in the NEXT Innovation Center in Peoria, Illinois, OneFire, Inc. (www.onefiremedia.com) is the premier provider for digital solutions and services, monitoring the latest gains and advances in technology and maintaining a pulse on an ever-evolving industry. The OneFire team molds its expertise to develop and deliver "the best way" solutions and services, focusing on nurturing existing business partnerships while seeding new ones across a wide range of markets and industries.

Press Contacts:
Jason Parkinson
OneFire, Inc.
309.740.0345 ext.101

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OneFire Hires ‘Director of Strategy’ For Houston Office

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 9/30/14 8:29 AM

(Peoria, IL) – OneFire Media announced today that Jaclyn (Jaci) Fones has joined the company as it’s new Director of Strategy. Jaclyn will be heading up OneFire’s new satellite office in Houston, Texas. Jaclyn joins OneFire with an extensive background in the Caterpillar Global Brand group where she developed enterprise level brand guidelines and worked hand-in-hand with internal business units, the Cat dealer network and suppliers from around the world.

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Peoria Company Launches Crowd Funded Project

Posted by ONEFIRE on 8/27/13 9:28 AM

(Peoria, IL) When is a standard wall calendar not quite what it seems? Only when the team at OneFire gets their hands on it! OneFire is proud to announce the start of their first ever crowd funded project called Augmented Reality (AR) Calendar.

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OneFire Announces Partnership With OSF Healthcare

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 5/8/13 9:00 AM

(Peoria, IL) OneFire is proud to announce a partnership with OSF Healthcare with the release of a mobile app for the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center. The app launched with the grand opening of the facility, which was held Thursday, April 25th 2013.

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