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1 Insane Step to a More Immersive Trade Show Experience (And 3 You Can Actually Use)

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 3/2/16 11:12 AM
Mark Hemmer

Immersive Trade Show Experience ClownWhat's the most successful kind of trade show experience?


It makes sense. If your display can capture the attention and senses of whoever visits your booth, they're not able to spread it around to your competitors.

So, what's going to make your display immersive?

1. Hire a Clown

Admittedly, we're cheating a little with the definition of 'immersive' (which traditionally refers to technology that envelopes the senses). However, clowns DO demand your attention and all of your senses are flooded with delight (or fear)! Either way, a clown is a foolproof way to blitz the senses of potential customers. They'll be so overjoyed (or paralyzed with terror) that they won't remember that there are booths other than yours!

Clowns are a time-tested remedy for short attention spans. Elephants? Yawn. Lion tamers? Meh. Trapeze artists? Bathroom break. Not clowns. When a clown makes his/her gloriously wacky entrance, every set of eyes in the room snaps to attention!

While clowns have lost some of their favor due to some unfortunate public relations snafus, they're still show stoppers. A joyous jester is JUST what you need to create a more immersive trade show experience. Hire a clown today!

2. Build Augmented Reality Triggers

Ok, so clowns aren't your thing. Not everyone likes ice cream, either. Augmented Reality is a fast-rising clown-alternative for gripping potential customers and immersing them in your product or service. By integrating AR triggers into your trade show display, you're giving attendees the chance to use a device (either one you provide for use or they use their own and download an app) and view your product in a way they probably didn't know was possible. Your product can be superimposed upon the physical world and your potential customers can view it from every angle (and potentially layer).

AR triggers can also be used to make still photos spring to life as videos and a number of other exciting applications. No matter what, you'll be building an experience that's impossible to walk away from.

3. Go Full Virtual Reality

If Augmented Reality doesn't sound immersive enough, consider building a Virtual Reality experience. VR is another alternative to hiring a clown and if done correctly, can almost match the excitement that a round red nose and broad smile would bring. Virtual Reality is fully immersive and does require that some type of headwear be made available. But, if you're willing to provide the tools, a VR experience can serve as a shift in your trade show life. Instead of jockeying for attention, a VR experience can show off your product (without size or location limitations) and literally block out everything else (including the competition).

Taking the time to strategize and build out a VR experience for trade shows will pay dividends far into the future. You'll be able to offer immersion others won't be able to replicate.

4. Shoot 360 Degree Video

Don't need to get that immersive, but still want to offer an unforgettable experience? 360 degree video is the (non-clown) answer. There's now an entire YouTube channel dedicated to showing off what 360 degree video can do. Played on the right touch screen display, a 360 degree video can be immersive and tons of fun to explore. Show your product off in a way that will leave an indelible impression on potential customers.

Open up the world of video and put potential customers into the action.

But, seriously: hire a clown. 


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