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10 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Presence Today

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 8/26/19 10:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
3 minute read


Don't have time to build a full-fledged digital marketing strategy? You're not alone. It's a huge undertaking and your business doesn't afford you a ton of free time. While you should consider a digital partner for building and executing a plan for your business, there are some important things you can do in the meantime. Check out the list below and identify a few ways that you can improve your digital marketing presence today:

1. Update Your Information  

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer. Now, check your 'contact' page on your website. Is your phone number up to date? Is your address current? Does your site reflect your latest logo and branding? If you can't answer 'yes' across the board, that's a problem. No one wants to call a disconnected number or find out your business has moved after they've already driven there.

2. Be Consistently Social 

Your social channels add a wealth of personality to your business. If those channels go dark for weeks at a time, that leads potential customers to conclude that your business isn't on track. Even checking in once or twice a week to update followers about special deals, news items, or sharing industry content, can keep your business in the conversation. 

3. Respond to Feedback 

Every business has an unhappy customer now and again. Simply put: you can't please everyone. However, there is a distinct right and wrong way to respond. The unquestioned wrong way is to ignore the feedback entirely. Not feeling heard riles up dissatisfied customers even more and can cause the issue to snowball. If you've let feedback sit in silence, fix that today and improve your image online. 

4. Add Calls to Action

How does a potential customer take the next step with your business? Your website should make that crystal clear. If it doesn't, that's something you can improve with a simple button and form. You'll be setting your website up to capture more leads and you'll be making it easy for potential customers to do business with you. After explaining what your business is and what value you provide, urge visitors to take the next step and get in touch. 

5. Remove Website Friction

How easy is it for website visitors to find what they want to on your website? Of course, what a visitor is looking for will vary. But, there's some common information that you'll want to put front-and-center to remove friction and make doing business with you easier: price, contact information, and product/service choices. Make sure visiting your website is a smooth experience. 

6. Blog More Often

It can be difficult to find the time, but blogging is more important than its name suggests. Your blog can drive organic traffic to your website, it can position your business as an industry authority, and it keeps your website fresh. Even if you can only commit to one blog a month, do it. That's better than a sporadic post every three to six months. 

7. Set Up an Email Template

On the road to marketing automation is a series of small steps that make your marketing efforts faster and easier. Try setting up an email template that can help cut down on the time you spend composing and formatting. By having some pre-established elements in place, you'll be a faster and more efficient marketer. 

8. Offer Digital Versions of Marketing Collateral 

In the long-term, you should create original long-form content offers like checklists, eBooks, and guides to entice visitors to download them in exchange for their email. In the short-term, you can start capturing leads by taking your physical marketing collateral (like brochures) and creating digital PDF versions. 

9. Consider Pay Per Click 

Consider putting a small amount of money towards Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or another PPC solution. On Facebook, in particular, you can experiment with boosted posts, paid ads, and targeting. Even if you don't have a strategy in place right now, it's worth exploring your PPC options and seeing what kinds of channels might be right for your business. 

10. Promote Wins 

One easy way to improve your digital presence today is to promote your wins. Take testimonials, industry awards, and other highlights and post them on your social media channels and your website. It freshens up your marketing channels and lets potential customers know that they can find similar success with your business. 

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