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3 Ways Augmented Reality is Improving Business [VIDEO]

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 3/31/15 1:00 AM

Augmented Reality

Read it out loud: Augmented Reality.

What comes to mind?

If scenes from a sci-fi movie popped into your head, don’t feel bad. For many people, ‘augmented reality’ sounds closer to a hovercraft than to something you’d utilize in your business.

But, Augmented Reality is on its way into the workplace. It’s going to transform the way many businesses operate – for the better.

Here are just a few ways that Augmented Reality is improving business:

1. Identifying and Locating Parts –

PartPic says its mission is to: “seamlessly facilitate the search and purchase of parts using visual technology." Just by pointing your smartphone at a part, PartPic uses image recognition to identify it and leverages AR to provide information on how to order. Using this kind of AR technology could improve the sales process, help new employees familiarize themselves with machinery, or help customers identify what they’re looking for more quickly.

2. Next Level Marketing –

Trade shows and direct mail have been around forever. They’re effective. But AR can make a tried-and-true marketing idea even more successful. It’s about engaging the potential customer. For example, you could make your trade show display spring to life using AR. A prospect would be prompted to simply point his or her phone at the display and you can interact in more complex ways than you could before. With direct mail, you can include scan-able elements and can pack more content into each piece that you deliver.

3. Smart Helmet –

One of the coolest uses of AR in business comes from DAQRI. While most companies are using augmented reality from a consumer standpoint, DAQRI has created a hard-hat device called their "Smart Helmet" that is specifically designed for industrial applications. Their "Intelitrack" software allows the helmet to know how you move through a space and then map that information so it eliminates the need for putting pen to paper. The uses of this technology in training applications could make the process more efficient and much safer.

Feeling inspired or intrigued? We'd love to chat with you about how Augmented Reality may solve one of your business problems or help you achieve your goals. Contact me directly at jason@onefiremedia.com and let's talk.

See Augmented Reality in action. Download our FREE example now:

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