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3 Ways To Make An Impact At Your Next Event With 360 Video Software

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 2/1/16 10:00 AM
Mark Hemmer

360video.jpgWatching something is so passive. As video technology advances, it's moved closer and closer to helping viewers experience something.

3D video is the most well know video experience forebear. Ask anyone who saw Jaws 3-D in '83 and they'll wax poetic about how much scarier and immersive it was. That was back when you wore flimsy disposable glasses with one red lens and one blue.

Now, technology exists that can make more than a shark pop out of a screen. With 360 video software, you can transport right into the ocean.



 For businesses, this an enormous advantage. If your competitors can only let their potential customers watch their product and you can let them experience it, guess which one of those will make a greater impact?

Here are 3 ways you can implement 360 video software that your next event:

1. Product Demonstration

As mentioned above, the ability to let your potential customers experience your product instead of passively watching what it can do, is a breakthrough for marketers. 360 video software allows you to create video that puts your customers in the midst of the action.

2. 'Wow' Factor

The 'Wow' Factor makes a difference - especially at events featuring more than one company or vendor. Using 360 video, you will attract and amaze more people. The quality of your product or service will seal the deal, but 360 video will bring the excitement and show every angle of what you have to offer.

3. Take Customers Anywhere

If you're a destination based service, 360 video software can bring your potential customers right where you need them to be to close the sale. Instead of describing a luxury hotel suite with an ocean view, let them take it in. Instead of persuading them that it's 'the best seat in the house,' put them there. Don't let distance hurt your business.

view a 360° vr experience right now :

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