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4 Content Marketing Campaigns You Should Emulate

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 9/12/16 11:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
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contentmarketingemulate.jpgWhat does a good content marketing campaign look like? Chances are, you already know - you just aren't aware of it. Content Marketing happens all around us and the best campaigns don't even feel like 'marketing,' they feel like something more. They tell a story, share an experience, and draw us in before we know what hit us.

Here are 4 examples of content marketing campaigns you should emulate:

1. Fitness Bloggers Show and Share Results 

This tactic only works in certain circumstances, but the overall idea can be applied to anything. There should be a strong visual component (like fitness, beauty, or fashion) and it's highly personality-driven. Fitness bloggers have found that letting people in on their own journey toward their fitness goals is a great way to gain followers, drive leads, and monetize their exposure. It provides evidence that their advice (their service) works and endears them to an audience. Whether you follow a Kayla Itsines, or Lift Big Eat Big is more your style, the general principle is the same: quality content, strong branding, and valuable information given away to an audience who is passionate about the topic and wants to know more. After the audience is hooked, apparel offers and paid programming offers are just around the corner. The result? Followers-turned-customers are loyal to the brand, invested in the people, and feel that they're a part of a movement. That sense of belonging, of pushing toward a common goal (in this case, being fit, healthy, and lookin' good!), is a powerful thing to harness. Consider your product or service: how can you help others share in your goal? 

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2. Square Sticks With You

The Square credit card reader started popping up all over the small business community just a short time ago. It's an easier, less expensive way to accept credit card payments - an essential piece for growing companies. If Square stopped there, that would be enough. But, Square had its sights set on something bigger: a content marketing campaign that would turn it from a company with a product to the go-to resource for small businesses. Square launched 'Town Square,' a 'business resource center' that, according to Square, is "Tips, advice, news - your central resource to help you start, run, and grow your business." That's a huge claim to stake for a credit card reader, but Square backs it up with valuable content that genuinely does help small business owners navigate the landscape. Their blogs focus on everything from e-mail tips, to chip card readers, to Instagram use. If you were a small business owner who bought the Square and then found this resource, you'd feel a much stronger connection to the brand and the company who went out of their way to help you set up shop. How can you take an extra step to help your customers? 

3. No One Forgets About Dre

Beats by Dre is driven by aesthetic. That's the primary reason that a lower-quality pair of headphones (from a music-listening standpoint) consistently sell for hundreds of dollars. For listening to music, there are reportedly many superior options. But, for an instantly-recognizable fashion accessory that fits comfortably around your ears? There is nothing better and that's how Beats by Dre used visual branding and visual content to corner a market: fashion-first headphones. Beats by Dre are popular because they're cool. They're cool because Beats by Dre has poured effort and resources into creating that impression. From celebrity endorsements (and endless pics of everyone from the Kardashian clan to LeBron James rocking a pair) to their skilled use of Instagram and other visual media, the team at Beats by Dre is zoned in on the audience they're looking to attract and has built their brand in that image. By carefully staging where and on whom Beats by Dre are seen, they're crafting an image that Beats by Dre are the headphones you buy if you're fashion forward. It builds an instant desirability that pushes all other product details into the background. What is your brand's image? How can you use content - written and visual - to build the image you want? 

4. Airbnb Takes Care of the Details

While we could all probably go without hearing something hailed as 'the Uber of ______' ever again, the comparison is pretty apt for Airbnb. The residential renting service has disrupted the hotel/hospitality industry in a similar way to what Uber did to taxis. Airbnb provides a new option for lodging when traveling. They've capitalized on it, with a series of awesome content offers that makes choosing them even easier. Airbnb creates a 'Local List' for travel destinations (like Chicago, IL) that gives visitors everything they could possibly need in the way of guidance. You just find the neighborhood you're in and read recommendations on where to eat, what to see, and what to do. It's a new take on the classic hotel guest book. But, instead of just tourist traps, Airbnb is curating picks from local hosts and providing a more authentic experience as a result. Available in PDF form and online, the 'Local List' is a great example to follow. What can you offer your customers that will enrich their experience with your product or service?  

Content marketing is powerful when it tells a story, shares an experience, and provides value. The 4 examples above are leads to follow. Take cues from the campaigns that have delivered and use those cues to build something special for your company. If you're ready to get started, let's talk today.

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