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5 Apps We're Thankful For on Thanksgiving

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 11/23/15 7:00 AM
Mark Hemmer

Thanksgiving Apps

Thanksgiving is a special time to gather with loved ones to give thanks and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s a beautiful sentiment and more often than not, a logistical bear. But, like many problems facing modern day smartphone owners, the solution could be: download an app.We’ll journey through a typical Thanksgiving scenario and point out apps along the way that will make you extra thankful this year. Let’s get started!  

First thing first: you need a turkey. Sure, you could go to the store and buy one. But, you could also hunt one. Hunting sounds rugged, so you set out to track down a turkey. Your best bet in finding one is probably calling to it in its language. You’ve never spoken turkey before. Don’t worry – there’s an app. Free Turkey Calls allows you to call turkeys in a variety of ways. Just lure them out and invite them to dinner.

You’ve secured a turkey, but aren’t sure how to prepare it. In fact, you’re not much of a cook at all and you need to leave soon if you’re going to make it to your grandparent’s house on time. You need quick Thanksgiving recipes that are sure-fire crowd-pleasers and you need thorough directions on how to make everything – your turkey included. Use the Butterball Cookbook Plus app. Butterball is the name in all things turkey and comes complete with food prep tips for every part of the meal.

You prepared the food and it looks great! Good job. Now it’s time to package the food up and take it on the road. You can’t believe you offered to cook and then laboriously drag the food to another person’s house. But the past is the past and you’re getting off topic. Your mind returns to the road. There’s going to be traffic. You can feel it in your bones. And you can see it with your eyes. Waze is an app that uses GPS to detect traffic and allows drivers to update the app, hands free, with alerts on traffic, accidents, and other delays. It’s essential for holiday travel.

20 new text messages – each one reads: “where are you from mom.” Your mom’s not great at texting and she still thinks she needs to sign each one. It’s endearing. Your mom is good at heckling you about your ETA. Incessantly. It’s only a matter of time before other relatives join in. They’re probably debating whether they can put out appetizers before you get there. Glympse is an app that shares your GPS location with those you select. Instead of having to text updates, the people you select will automatically receive updates about your ETA and any hiccups in the trip.

Looks like you’ve cleared all the hurdles! The rest of the evening is going to be smooth sailing and good eat…… Oh no.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Your aunt, who is wearing her Bernie Sanders sweater, has just locked eyes with your distant uncle. The same distant uncle that’s currently adjusting his hat that reads: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

This is going to be like that showdown between a sea snake and stonefish. It’s going to be bad. You need an exit strategy.

Oh wait, hold on – is your phone ringing? Your phone is ringing and it’s important. You better take this. Outside. Maybe down the block.

Fake Conversation is a free app that allows you to “receive a phone call.” Just tell the app what kind of call you’d like to receive, furrow your brow, give a sheepish shrug and book it for freedom.

You made it! Congratulations. As you can see, technology can be your friend and companion during the holidays. Give these holiday apps a look and make sure you’re prepared for every situation.


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