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5 Ways Automating Your Insurance Marketing Can Save You Tons of Time

Posted by ONEFIRE on 7/10/20 2:20 PM  |  5 minute read


Marketing your business is the best way to reach new clients in a place they visit every single day: the email inbox. You know your business needs marketing, but do you know how to market it? Marketing the old-fashioned way can be time-consuming and ineffective -- people are on the Internet day in and day out, while reading newspapers, magazines, and billboards less and less.

There’s a whole new marketing game in town, and it's called automated marketing. Let’s discuss what marketing automation is, how your business can use it, and how it can help increase your insurance business.alarm-alarm-clock-analog-714701

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is just what is sounds like, really -- a marketing solution that you or the people who work in your business don’t have to spend hours on to market your insurance business. Marketing auto carried out by marketing software that handles all your marketing needs (or at least most of them).

Your business’ marketing department or marketing professional may be responsible for handling your marketing needs through analytics, mobile marketing, emails, social media accounts and posts, blogs, website updates, etc. Marketing automation software can make marketing much easier.

How Will Insurance Marketing Automation Help My Business?

Marketing automation software helps nurture your business prospects with personalized content that converts interested insurance shoppers into actual insurance buyers, and also repeat customers. Hopefully, those repeat customers will recommend your insurance company to friends and family, and the revenue snowball will continue to gain momentum. By keeping your clients interested and reaching out to new, prospective clients with useful information they can use, marketing automation software will help your business thrive.

ONEFIRE is committed to bringing recommendations to our clients that will show a return on investment that positively impacts the bottom line. Thought leadership programs driven through marketing automation are proven to provide this return. We can help your team develop these types of programs. 

How Can I Automate My Insurance Company’s Marketing?

ONEFIRE would be happy to help you automate your insurance company’s marketing through selection of the perfect software for your business. We even wrote a book on how to enhance your inbound marketing strategy. (That means “how to get and keep more clients.”) Simply put, you need to take a serious look at your current marketing strategy, and select the marketing software that’s best for you. Here are five of our favorites for your consideration:

When looking for the best marketing automation software, the only way to know if it will work for your insurance business is to try it out. Visit the websites, check out software reviews, and have the software companies come to your business for a free demo. Only by using and testing the software out can you or your marketing department tell if its a good fit for you.

How Can Marketing Automation Save My Business Time?

So...how can marketing automation save you time? Easy -- it does much of the work for you. Especially as a business owner, you know that your time is precious. You only have so much of it to use each day, and those days are usually over in a whirlwind of activity that takes all your time and energy. Marketing automation can do the following tasks for you:

  1. Transcend time zones. With email marketing, you don’t have to worry about disturbing people with a sales phone call. They can read your email whenever they have time.

  2. Transcend working hours. With marketing automation, you can reach people after-hours or before they start work in the morning -- or, just when they are interested and have time to read your content.

  3. Reach audiences at the right time. By scheduling emails for a week after you meet a client, you can give them time and space to think about your offerings, but still stay in contact.

  4. Reach the right audiences. Automated marketing software is based on client or prospective client preferences in the insurance industry. Your audience will already know who you are, and is more likely to read your content.

  5. Schedule email blasts and social media posts. Writing up content ahead of time and releasing it to clients when they need to see it can save your marketing department tons of time -- time they could be spending on something else.

If you’re not the one in your insurance business doing the marketing, sit down with that person or people and talk to them about how much time automated marketing software could save them and the business.

ONEFIRE will help you select the best software and program for your insurance company. We will also execute the complete launch strategy and a plan for ongoing content marketing. We will outline the work and metrics to be employed to drive Inbound marketing success and an effective implementation of marketing automation.

Give us a call and start saving money and time on your marketing campaign today.

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