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6 Augmented Reality Education Resources To Help You Understand AR

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 3/23/16 10:00 AM
Mark Hemmer


Augmented Reality isn't easy to understand. In layman's terms, AR can be defined as 'the virtual world being superimposed on the physical world.' But what does that mean, exactly? How is AR built? How is it being used?

We have answers. 

We're excited about the incredible potential of AR and we want you to be too! Below are 6 resources we rounded up to help anyone looking to learn more about AR find their way. Follow the links and you'll leave with a better understanding of Augmented Reality:

1. Augmented Reality Basics

Also known as: Augmented Reality 101. This covers all the basics of AR and touches on everything that you'd want to know. It's a great place to start learning more about AR.

2. Augmented Reality Enterprise Examples

Interested in how Augmented Reality is being used in the enterprise? This resource features 4 enterprise grade AR examples in action. You won't believe how advanced some of these applications are.

3. Augmented Reality Gear

A big part of Augmented Reality is the hardware that helps spring it to life. Our Director of Innovation, Harsh Shah, gives his favorite 5 pieces of AR gear in this resource.

4. Augmented Reality for Training

Did you know Augmented Reality can help train people? From healthcare to manufacturing and more, AR has some serious potential to change the way employees train.

5. Augmented Reality for Exhibits

Augmented Reality has many uses for mobile exhibits. Follow the link to find out what they are and where you might find them.

6. Augmented Reality for Education

No list of Augmented Reality education resources would be complete without a look at how AR is literally changing education itself. Read how AR is poised to improve classroom learning in every setting. 

 There's so substitute for experience. Here's a Bonus Resource:

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