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6 Ways Enterprise Technology Strategy Falls Short (and How OneFire Can Help)

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 12/14/16 10:00 AM
Mark Hemmer

enterprisetechstrategy.jpgWhile it's easy to blame the Death Star for its seemingly obvious fatal design flaw (a particle exhaust vent that led straight to its reactor core), it's important to remember: The Empire had a lot going on. There were employees to manage, insubordination to force-choke, and a giant space station to operate. That's a full plate. So much so, that it's almost understandable that Luke Skywalker and co. eventually found a blemish. Now, the enterprise isn't the Empire. For one, the enterprise is not manifestly evil or even bad. The enterprise is good! But, it is hampered by the same scale issues that fell the bad guys in Star Wars. There's too much going on, too much to account for. As a result, technology strategy often gets the 'particle exhaust vent' treatment: major flaws, no patches. 

Fortunately, OneFire can help. Here are some ways enterprise technology falls short and how OneFire can turn it around:

1. It's inflexible  

Entire pop culture franchises have been birthed on the idea that corporate culture is riddled with bureaucracy and wrapped in red tape (Hi, Dilbert!). Enterprise technology strategy rarely escapes that stereotype. Instead of being given the freedom to innovate and problem-solve, new technology is introduced and applied at a glacial rate (accompanied by a tornado of paperwork). 

OneFire can... 

OneFire offers Innovation Workshops. Workshops provide the structure that the higher-ups need to see and an Innovation Process that yields results. Within a Workshop, employees have freedom to be creative and innovate effectively. No request forms necessary. 

2. It's vague 

A good enterprise technology strategy is specific. It has a clear process, defined goals, and measurable results. A bad strategy? It has... a notion that something needs to change somehow, with some kind of technology-based innovation. If there's no plan and no process, innovation can't get very far and the technology strategy in question is a dud. 

OneFire can... 

OneFire can help consult on technology strategy and has a proven process that gets consistent results. Instead of a notion, OneFire can come in and help give clear direction to the enterprise. OneFire can help shape a technology strategy with specifics.  

3. It's risk-averse 

Not to pick on Blockbuster, but it's a case study in risk-aversion that ended decisively. Blockbuster was the undisputed king of renting physical videos and DVDs to people, who later returned them to the store. No one could beat Blockbuster at what Blockbuster did best. Then, one day, what Blockbuster did best stopped making money. People moved on. Blockbuster refused to, until it was too late.

OneFire can... 

OneFire can help the enterprise adapt to the market of today and tomorrow. OneFire's Innovation Workshops and Innovation Process is built to help the enterprise innovate effectively. In the Blockbuster example, that means moving to streaming before the competition. 

4. It's costly  

Or, rather, the enterprise considers it too costly. A robust technology strategy comes with a budget to match. Innovation can be expensive and the enterprise is wary of throwing too much money at an area of business that management doesn't (or can't) fully understand or appreciate in the present. So, innovation and technology strategy efforts are undermined by insufficient funding.

OneFire can...  

OneFire can offer Innovation Workshops that are cost-effective and efficient. The enterprise can rest easy, knowing that the cost is known and the results will be delivered. Instead of throwing money at a notion, the enterprise can invest in a proven process.

5. It's chaos 

The enterprise often goes into building a technology strategy with a foggy idea of what it wants to accomplish. The result is chaos. Innovation efforts are disorganized and often happen in corners of the enterprise, instead of being a shared objective. Without a process in place, attempts to leverage or implement new technology or new ideas falls flat. 

OneFire can... 

OneFire can provide the process the enterprise needs. Innovation works when put to a process. Instead of an abstract idea, it becomes an action with a clear goal in mind. Going through an Innovation Workshop gives the enterprise vision. 

6. It's ignored 

Technology strategy or lip service? Too often, the enterprise pushes innovation efforts to the edges. Because technology strategy is about the future, it is ignored in the present. Those tasked with innovating have a difficult time wresting the resources they need away from management. 

OneFire can...

OneFire can place emphasis on innovation and mobilize the enterprise towards a successful technology strategy. Innovation Workshops are about results first, but they also help company culture - promoting innovation and bringing the future to the front of the line.  

If your technology strategy needs help, get in touch. OneFire can help the enterprise develop a successful strategy and innovate through process - ensuring better results. 


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