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7 Marketing Tactics Built to Thrive in a Post-COVID World

Posted by ONEFIRE on 3/29/21 10:00 AM  |  3 minute read

ZoomCallThe COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way businesses and consumers interact, and some of those changes are here to stay. In many ways, the pandemic accelerated trends that were already happening, allowing people to shop, work and attend events from home.

The world is different than it was in 2019, and your marketing tactics should be different, too.

Meet your customers where they are now with these 7 marketing tactics:


Video Selling

Show, don’t tell. Your current and potential customers are bombarded with an endless barrage of ads every single day. Video selling allows you to make a bigger, faster impact. Tell the story of your products and services in quick, quality videos.

It may seem like a lot of effort upfront, but once you’ve created a video, it’s incredibly shareable. From your website and newsletter to social media outlets, a well-done sales video can cover a lot of ground.


Video Marketing

Storytelling was so important in 2020. As people looked for ways to connect, they also paid attention to brands and businesses with a strong message. Video is a fantastic way to share your message and expertise, while showing the human side of your business. And in 2020, video became the number one form of content strategy, according to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report.

You can go with a high production-value, beautiful video series, or a casual, how-to video that you filmed with a phone. However you do it, video is captivating, engaging, and helps your customers see the love and passion you have for the work you do. 


Virtual Events

It’s tough to beat the energy and excitement of in-person events, but the need to learn is as strong as ever. Companies and organizations are recognizing that there are plenty of people who would love to attend their events, but don’t have the money, time or resources to attend in person. 

This past year has given organizations an opportunity to finesse the virtual event experience, and figure out how to make it rewarding for everyone involved.



Businesses who were previously webinar-shy may have come to realize how convenient and accessible they are for their current and potential clients. 

The webinar is a perfect addition to your 2021 marketing toolkit because it’s versatile, easy to put together and allows your customers to have a real-time conversation with you.

They can also give you tons of insight into what your customers need most right now. Host webinars on a variety of topics to gauge customer interest, and pay attention to what questions and suggestions come up again and again.  


Focus on Retention

Customers that stuck with you during the pandemic are loyal. In a time when people want to stick with the businesses they know and trust, it’s important to value the customers you have already. 

Many businesses are still struggling to rebuild after a challenging year, and customer retention is a smart way to do that. Offer products and opportunities that your current customers will love, or surprise them with giveaways, freebies or discounts to keep them engaged.


Build Community

2020 was an incredibly isolating year for so many people, and the brands that did well recognized that. 

Social media use was up considerably in 2020, and it became an important source of connection for so many people. Use your social media to foster conversations with your customers, share some behind-the-scenes footage and really showcase the people who make your business great. 


Get Personal

Video was huge in 2020, and led to an explosion of content on TikTok and Instagram reels. One major appeal of this kind of short video content is that it’s more casual, and allows followers to see more of your personality.

If you’re hesitant to share videos on those platforms because you’re concerned about production value, don’t be. People want to see the human side of your brand, and the story of your business and your product. Casual videos are more authentic, and they can reveal more of your business personality to viewers.

Businesses can thrive, and will continue to do so, in a post-pandemic world. The ability to adapt is an essential component of a successful business, and this is just another opportunity to embrace the marketing landscape as it is right now. 

If you feel stuck, lean in to authenticity, connection and purpose. That’s what will keep customers coming back to you, regardless of what’s going on in the world.


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