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7 Small Business Marketing Facts That Will Increase Your Sales

Posted by Heather Swick on 2/5/16 8:30 AM
Small Business Owner At Wine Shop
Small businesses may not have the reach and the budget of other major corporations, but there are still marketing tactics to get you the results you're hoping for. And they don't involve spending thousands of dollars on a radio spot or billboard. Here are some tried-and-true small business marketing facts to boost your efforts, even on a shoestring budget:


1. Quality Content is King

This one sounds obvious, but plenty of small businesses completely overlook the importance of content. If you or someone on your team has the skills to do it, that's even better. You want content that is useful or interesting, so stay away from anything too sales-y. Tips, how-tos and Top 10 lists are easy for readers to digest and tend to get shared more. Create an editorial calendar to plan topics in advance and assign it to the best person for the job.

2. Eye-catching Infographics Gain Traction

Infographics have serious sharing power, and people love them. If you've got someone in house who can design a high-quality infographic, then it's definitely worth the labor. Even if you don't, you can create a simple fact list and make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. There are even templates you can find online to make your job easier. Take one of the most commonly asked questions in your industry and go from there. Your FAQ page is a great place to search for ideas for your infographic. 

3. Market Research and Data Matter

There is a huge payoff in thoroughly understanding your market and what they need. Do what you can to figure out what your customers are looking for and what really sold them on working with you or buying your product. Also study up on your competition, and look for their weaknesses. From there, you can make sure you're offering something that you know potential customers are looking for.

4. Optimization is Key

A lot of business owners say word-of-mouth marketing brings them the most business, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your search engine optimization. It's worth it to pop up on people's radar who are researching their purchases beforehand. Even if they heard of you from someone they know, having excellent search engine presence will give your business that extra dose of validity and professionalism. You can hire help to get your site up to speed, or if you're web-savvy, you can do it yourself by researching SEO best practices.

5. Be Strategic with Social Media

Social media isn't as free as it used to be when it comes to businesses. Now you can sponsor posts on Facebook and LinkedIn and run ads on Pinterest, so there's a thought to think about in terms of social media investing. The key here is to realize that not every business benefits from social media advertising, so start slow and track your progress. You can even put $10 in for a little extra boost. If you feel that your exposure isn't worth the money you're putting into it, it might be best to put that money elsewhere. Also, try to automate your social media using sites like Hootsuite and Buffer to keep your posts consistent.

6. Community Counts

You don't have to try for global exposure right off the bat, or ever. For many small businesses, a significant percentage of support comes from the local community. Try sponsoring sports team, events or charity runs to get involved and get your name out there. Be present at town celebrations and meetings. Getting to know your community will make you better equipped to offer the local market what it needs.

7. Referrals Matter

Your best marketing strategy may be leveraging the happy customers you have already. Don't be afraid to ask for referrals - most people would do it when prompted if they're happy with your service. You can also request online and social media reviews to give potential customers a better idea of what you have to offer. Your clients' voices are one of the most powerful tools you have to show others why they should work with you.

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