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7 Suggestions For Manufacturing Blog Topics

Posted by Heather Swick on Apr 29, 2016 10:00:00 AM  |  3 minute read
Manufacturing Blog Topics
Your manufacturing company's blog can be a goldmine for new business if it's used properly, but it's easy to get burned out on ideas after awhile. When you're looking for fresh ideas to keep your site up to date, here are some manufacturing blog topics to keep in your back pocket if you're feeling stuck:


1. Your FAQ page and contact form

Take a quick scan of questions you get via contact forms or your top frequently asked questions, and you've got a handful of topics right there. Look at the most common questions your company fields regularly and turn that into a blog post. Approach each topic from all angles, make it as thorough as possible without getting too technical, and link each post to its FAQ to give site visitors more information. The benefit of this is that if you are receiving a certain question over and over again, chances are other people are looking for that same information on search engines. It will help you draw new clients in while helping current or potential clients learn more about their question.

2. Industry news

You should comment on big industry happenings anyway, but if you're feeling pressed for topics, turning to current events in your sector is a foolproof way to generate content ideas. Even better, it makes you look relevant and current on your blog - and you'll have a better chance of people finding you because they've been searching for the newest industry update.

3. Trends

Similar to industry news, industry trends can be more of a feature post. For example, you could round up trends over the past several decades, highlight what's going to be big this year, or speculate on what's to come. Showcasing the evolution of your industry is interesting to a wide range of professionals, and you can get plenty of material out of it.

4. Interviews

You can feature anyone - from your CEO to the employee celebrating 30 years with the company. Whoever you decide to spotlight, it will bring some personality and a human side to your blog. But you don't have to stop at employees. Is there anyone in your industry doing something new, exciting or noteworthy? Give your readers a look at the minds behind the innovation.

5. Inside Looks

If you've got a visually interesting process that you work with, you have valuable material that an audience would love to read about. Add pictures or video to make it more compelling.

6. Reviews

Customer reviews may not always be glowing, but they're often a good source of inspiration for blog content. Look at what people have been saying about your company lately and use that to come up with posts. Whether it's clarification on a product or a deeper look at everything that goes into the creation of your product, these behind-the-scenes posts can shed important light on your business and process.

7. Lists and round-ups

Lists and round-ups are reader-friendly, shareable and a great way to break down information. They can be as easy as a compilation of other industry articles and blog posts from the week, new products or even groups of your own posts relevant to a certain topic. Some companies even like to do a round-up of their most read posts from that quarter. 


Everyone gets stuck in a blogging rut now and again. If it happens to you, host a brainstorming session, get some ideas flowing, and look to these manufacturing blog topics for some quick inspiration.
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