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Jason Parkinson

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4 Business Cases for Augmented Reality in the Enterprise

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 7/12/16 11:30 AM
Pokemon Go has exploded onto the national scene in the past week. The game uses Augmented Reality to put the power of being a Pokemaster into the hands of users. Utilizing GPS, your smartphone tells you where you can find Pokemon in the 'wild' and you set out to catch them in real life environments (whether that's the bathroom, your office, or a local coffeeshop). 
While AR clearly has enormous potential for games that people can't bring themselves to put down ( even if it's dangerous!), Augmented Reality also has real business cases - applications that could transform how industries function. While gamers are busy trying to 'Catch 'Em All,' business owners are starting to catch on... 
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Topics: AR

Why Inbound Marketing Works for Us

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 6/21/16 1:35 PM

I'll be brutally honest: when I first learned about the Inbound methodology, I was skeptical. My background is in traditional radio & TV marketing. So, before I learned about Inbound, my opinion was that the more times you blasted your advertising message over the airwaves, the better

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Topics: Content Marketing

Why We Built a Content Calendar

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 9/19/15 6:00 AM

It’s a great feeling to go into a month knowing everything you need to about your social media content.

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Topics: Content Calendar, Digital Marketing, Content, Strategy, Social Media, Content Marketing

Case Study: Connecting With A Millennial Audience At SkillsUSA

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 6/23/15 2:21 PM
Photo Credit: SkillsUSA YouTube Channel
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Topics: Texting, Digital Marketing, Millennials, SMS, Strategy, Text Messaging

Apple Watch Has Arrived

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 4/24/15 8:39 AM

The Apple Watch has officially arrived at OneFire. We wanted to share some initial photos of the first Apple Watch Sport that we've had our hands on here in the office so you can get a glimpse of what this new communications tool looks like up close.

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Topics: Apple Watch, Apple, New Tech

3 Ways Augmented Reality is Improving Business [VIDEO]

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 3/31/15 1:00 AM

Read it out loud: Augmented Reality.

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Topics: Trade Show, PartPic, ConExpo, Daqri, Augmented Reality, AR, Smart Helmet

Top 6 Ways to Engage Leads at Your Next Trade Show

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 2/12/15 12:00 AM
Ed Rhee/Flickr CC

Remember going to the fair as a kid? If you don’t have any fair experience, imagine this: your parents have handed you two tickets, redeemable for rides or games.

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Topics: Strategy

OneFire Releases "What The Fish?!" Mobile Game

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 10/16/14 3:19 AM

(Peoria, IL) -- Adding to its growing catalog of technology innovations, OneFire, Inc. has released a mobile game that is designed to work on all iOS platforms including the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 released on October 16.

Giving a nod to the proliferation of Asian Carp in Illinois waterways, the "What the Fish?!" game allows users to compete against their friends in a fun and crazy flying fish game. In "What the Fish?!", the player is driving a boat down the river and punching as many fish as possible without missing more than three. By hitting more fish, players unlock Game Center achievements. Players start the game punching fish with a fist, but can upgrade and purchase man-made "fishing" tools such as a shotgun, crossbow, dynamite, and more.

"What started as a simple teambuilding project in our office has turned into an awesome game that puts a creative spin on the many ways used to fish Asian carp" said Jason Parkinson, OneFire Vice President and COO, "Our email is blowing up faster than the fish since we released the game earlier this week."

The "What the Fish?!" game is available as a free download in the Apple App Store or by visiting http://1fi.re/whatthefish. It is compatible with iOS devices including iPhones, the iPod Touch and iPads.


Located in the NEXT Innovation Center in Peoria, Illinois, OneFire, Inc. (www.onefiremedia.com) is the premier provider for digital solutions and services, monitoring the latest gains and advances in technology and maintaining a pulse on an ever-evolving industry. The OneFire team molds its expertise to develop and deliver "the best way" solutions and services, focusing on nurturing existing business partnerships while seeding new ones across a wide range of markets and industries.

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Topics: Games, What The Fish, PR

OneFire Hires ‘Director of Strategy’ For Houston Office

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 9/30/14 8:29 AM

(Peoria, IL) – OneFire Media announced today that Jaclyn (Jaci) Fones has joined the company as it’s new Director of Strategy. Jaclyn will be heading up OneFire’s new satellite office in Houston, Texas. Jaclyn joins OneFire with an extensive background in the Caterpillar Global Brand group where she developed enterprise level brand guidelines and worked hand-in-hand with internal business units, the Cat dealer network and suppliers from around the world.

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Topics: Houston, Strategy, Jaclyn Fones, PR

OneFire Announces Partnership With OSF Healthcare

Posted by Jason Parkinson on 5/8/13 9:00 AM

(Peoria, IL) OneFire is proud to announce a partnership with OSF Healthcare with the release of a mobile app for the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center. The app launched with the grand opening of the facility, which was held Thursday, April 25th 2013.

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