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Mark Hemmer

Mark Hemmer

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Save on Shipping: AR and VR Can Bring Your Product Anywhere

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/23/18 10:00 AM

When you have an enormous product, your world can feel pretty small. Even if you sell worldwide, you're always limited by where and when you're able to show off your product. Whether you sell airplanes, bulldozers, or modular homes, your ability to ship your product to potential customers (or bring those customer to you) limits your ability to close deals. In a similar way, if you rent property or run a resort, you're often too far for people to experience what you can offer. Travel and shipping costs can be prohibitive. Don't let those costs stand in the way of your company's success. With augmented reality and virtual reality, you can take your product anywhere at a fraction of the price.

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Visit Before You Visit: Virtual Tours Are The Future

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/20/18 10:00 AM

'Try it before you buy it' applies to most major purchases. You wouldn't buy a car without taking it around the block a few times. You'd be wary of deciding on a mattress without first making sure it was supportive enough. Most people visit a college campus before they even think about applying. No one wants to commit thousands of dollars to something sight unseen. That's a challenge facing universities, resorts, and other far away destinations. If people can't visit, they're less likely to invest. Virtual tours help solve this challenge, giving consumers the ability to 'try' destinations and giving destinations the ability to show off what makes them special. 

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Use Augmented Reality to Transform Your Print Marketing

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/16/18 10:00 AM

What can you do to set your print marketing apart? In today's digital age, most print marketing collateral takes a long journey from concept to creation to a potential customer's mailbox. Then, it takes a much shorter trip from that mailbox to the nearest dumpster. It's nothing against print: it's just that the way people buy today has changed. Your potential customers are empowered to do their own research on products and services before they buy. Outbound marketing (blasting messages at customers) doesn't gel with how they prefer to do business. What can save your print marketing from the trash heap? Turn your print marketing into a digital experience.

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8 SEO Tricks to Retire in 2018

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/13/18 10:00 AM

These SEO tricks had a good (or in some cases, not-so-good) run. Now, as search engine optimization continues to evolve, retirement is the best option for the following SEO tricks and tactics. Whether it's a bad practice or simply an outdated method, the following list is full of poor ideas. If you're currently doing any of the below, stop. Even if it appears to be working at the moment, Google (and the industry as a whole) is moving in another direction and it's in your company's best interest to follow:

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4 Reasons Quality Content Leads to Better SEO

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/9/18 10:00 AM

The best SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is to create quality content for your website. That sounds overly simple, but it's true. In fact, the SEO industry has opted for tricks and schemes and shortcuts to get around the simple truth: your business needs to put the hard work in to create quality content for your potential customers. Help is available, of course, but the best approach to getting found online is a long-term content strategy that puts your reader first. There are many reasons that quality content is the best investment you can make in SEO. Here are four: 

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Google RankBrain: How Artificial Intelligence Powers SEO in 2018

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/6/18 10:00 AM

There's no shortage of information available on SEO. You likely know what's worked in the past, why it doesn't work today, and what the buzz is about the future. If you don't, you can easily find out. This post won't rehash the history of SEO. It's about what you need to know right now. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is powering SEO in 2018. With technology like Google RankBrain at the forefront, AI is changing how every business should approach SEO. More than that, AI is changing everyone's understanding of SEO. Tricks are out and quality is in. The good news? 'Quality over all else' is a future-proof strategy. 

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Improve Your Site Architecture and SEO Simultaneously

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/2/18 10:00 AM

When focus turns to tunnel vision, it's easy to fix one thing while breaking another. Case in point: the leading strategy on SEO for a while was targeting individual long-tail keywords in blog articles. It worked! At least, it worked in the SEO-sense. In many cases, Google did rank those articles highly for the given search term. However, there was an unfortunate bi-product of that strategy: bloated, redundant websites with little structure to speak of. With all the focus going to SEO, website architecture became a mess. Bad architecture pulls everything down, so SEO shifted again. Now, Google uses RankBrain and can understand intent, authority, and related content better than ever before. With the new topic cluster model, businesses can improve site architecture and SEO simultaneously:

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4 Tips For Building Content for Trade Shows

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 6/25/18 10:00 AM

Attending a trade show is a fight for attention. Your business has one booth and one shot at attracting attendees and turning them into qualified leads. How can you best show off your product or service? How can you maximize your ROI at trade shows? The answer lies in the content you create. For trade shows, 'content' can take many shapes: brochures, giveaways, blogs, emails, banners, and more. If you want to build effective content for trade shows, keep these four tips below in mind.

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AR for Trade Shows: Do More with Limited Space

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 6/22/18 10:00 AM

Trade show booths are small. Most trade show booths look the same. It shouldn't be a surprise that those two things are related. Sometimes, limited space leads to limited ideas. So, most businesses simply copy one another. They put up pull-up banners. They spread brochures across the table. There's a table runner with the company logo. Maybe there are free pens or a bowl of Tootsie Rolls for attendees to grab. The result is a trade show floor where no one stands out and most booths look indistinguishable. Clearly, that's an issue for companies who want more from their trade show appearances. If that describes you, consider AR for trade shows.

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Content for Sales: Give Your Team an Advantage

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 6/18/18 10:00 AM

Every sales team is looking for an advantage. What can you do for your sales team to help them close more deals? The best answer to that question: create content. Salespeople are tasked with starting conversations from scratch and carrying them through to a closed deal. That involves a great deal of educating potential customers, explaining the value of a product or service, and overcoming objections. When you're able to arm your sales team with content ahead of time, it makes that conversation easier. Here's how:

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