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Bring New Perspective Into Your Building

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 8/20/18 10:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
1 minute read

BringNewPerspectiveThe adage goes, 'it's hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle.' That's why bringing outside perspective into your building is so critical for your company's long-term success and adaptability. Businesses are at a constant risk of being disrupted by technology. Typically, disruption happens when business leaders fail to see the signs and react accordingly. By bringing in digital consultants, you'll be accounting for your blind spots and can avoid disruption. What can an outside team voice that you're unlikely to find in your own building? 

Painful Truths

Even when you ask for honest feedback, your own team is only going to be able to be so frank. It's not easy to voice painful truths, especially to company leadership. It's also likely that your team wears similar rose-colored glasses, focusing on the strengths of the company rather than its weaknesses. Somehow, some way, those painful truths need to be heard for your company to move forward. Nobody wants to hear that their longstanding business model or product delivery method is outdated. However, hearing that and acting on it can be the difference between surviving or closing your doors. That's where a digital consultant can come in. An outside party will have a much easier time telling you what you don't want to - but need to - hear.

Competitor Insights

Surely, you've done some digging into your competitors. You've checked their prices. You've looked at their ads. You've maybe gone and poked around on their websites. But, do you know how the public perceives them? Digital consultants can be an excellent proxy for potential customers. While they may work on-site at your company, they represent both your business and the outside world. That gives them insight into your competitors. They can tell you how your competitors are using technology and what's worth replicating. They can also help identify areas in business technology where your company can blaze the trail. 

Fresh Eyes

If you've ever had a problem or dilemma you needed to 'sleep on,' you understand how valuable fresh perspective can be. When you're wrapped up in the day-to-day of your business, it can be easy to get lost in the details and tactical work. As a result, the grander vision gets obscured. A digital consultant won't share that same burden. Instead, he or she will be able to zoom out and help keep your team moving toward the big goal. Technology can be a powerful ally. With fresh eyes, a digital consultant (or team of digital consultants) can show you how to use it to your best advantage. 

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