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Bring Posters and More to Life with Augmented Reality

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 9/14/18 10:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
1 minute read


Everybody wants marketing collateral that 'jumps out,' 'leaps off the page,' or otherwise grabs attention. Augmented Reality can literally make that happen. Dazzling 3D images can be placed over the physical world wherever you need them to be, adding a new element to traditional marketing or reinventing your efforts altogether. Below are three examples of the former. Traditional marketing can still be effective, if new technology is leveraged correctly. See how traditional marketing collateral can come to life with AR:


More often than not, direct mail is declared "junk" and makes the short trip from the mailbox to the trashcan. However, if you equip that direct mail piece with an AR trigger (and a potential lead capture functionality) and that marketing collateral becomes instantly more valuable. Consumers don't want to be interrupted, but they are open to experiencing new things. With augmented reality, you're giving them that opportunity. Send a virtual model of your product through a postcard and let your potential customers explore what you have to offer. They'll be more likely to show further interest if you give them something exciting. 


If you're promoting an event or new product by placing posters in public places, you'll be in a fight for eyeballs. Instead of relying on great design alone, equip your poster with augmented reality capabilities. Those passing by can simply download an app and point their phone at your poster to make it come to life. Display 3D models of your product or use video to make it appear that the poster gained sentience and started talking to them directly. It may sound spooky, but a poster that interacts with you is a hard poster to take your eyes off of. 

Print Ads

If you run ads in a magazine or newspaper, it's time to separate yourself from your competitors. Using augmented reality, your ads can stand out -- literally. Your competition will have dry, flat ads that get overlooked. In contrast, your ads will literally pop off the page when readers download an app and point their smartphone at your ad. Whatever message you want to send, use AR to make that message resonate. Consumers are conditioned to ignore advertisements. Give your potential customers a compelling reason to pay attention to yours. 

Augmented Reality is a tool with unlimited potential. Transform your traditional marketing efforts today by adding AR. Your marketing will become more effective and your potential customers will grow more excited about your business.

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