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Content for Sales: Give Your Team an Advantage

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 6/18/18 10:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
3 minute read


Every sales team is looking for an advantage. What can you do for your sales team to help them close more deals? The best answer to that question: create content. Salespeople are tasked with starting conversations from scratch and carrying them through to a closed deal. That involves a great deal of educating potential customers, explaining the value of a product or service, and overcoming objections. When you're able to arm your sales team with content ahead of time, it makes that conversation easier. Here's how:

Content helps them explain complex topics in more detail 

Depending on what your business does, your sales team might have a mountain of a task explaining it. If you're a B2B services company or you sell some type of process or philosophy, your sales team is going to have to be able to articulate what sets you apart from competitors, why the potential customer should buy in, and what kind of value you're going to provide. Your sales team will be tasked with telling an important story and bringing the potential customer along every step of the way. If you sell pizza, the pitch is straightforward. If you sell consulting services, social media services, or business software. the pitch is more challenging. Having in-depth original content ready to go is a godsend for your sales team. Instead of tripping over their words to explain a complex topic to a potentially impatient audience, they have the wording nailed down. Your team can even send the article or articles ahead of time and use a conversation to follow up. Great content can take esoteric topics and make them relatable to decision makers. 


Content gives them another reason to reach out 

As every sales person can attest, sometimes conversations die and leads go cold. If that happens, it's important to have a compelling reason to reach back out and relaunch the sales process. Equip your team with original content and they'll have what they need to confidently reach out again. The content your business creates should be more than just Decision Stage content that directly sings the praises of your company, product, or service. You should also create content that speaks to potential customers in the Awareness and Consideration stages. This is when they're starting to search for answers to their problems. You might be what they're looking for, but they haven't gotten that far yet. If you create content around your industry that is genuinely informative and helpful, you'll be giving your sales team another leg up as they reach out to potential customers. Focus on creating content that addresses your potential customer's pain points. That way, your sales team can be ready with answers before the questions even come up. 


Content can help them close

Content brings your sales team closer to a hot cup of Joe. Often, sales teams are juggling multiple relationships at once. It can be easy to lose track of a conversation or give a lackluster pitch. Give your sales team backup in the form of original content. Instead of spending the bulk of the day on the phone explaining things, give your sales team the opportunity to send content as a supplement. Then, when a discussion does happen, the content has already done some of the heavy lifting. The potential customer understands the basics, is intrigued by the value of your product or service, and knows what getting started will look like. Your sales team will spend less time persuading and more time working out the details of the deal. Great content can boost your sales team's performance. 

Creating content for sales can make it easier for your sales team to succeed. Content helps explain complex topics. Content gives your salespeople another reason to reach out. Content helps close more deals. Start creating content to give to your sales team today. They'll perform better and your business will win.


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