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Digital Company Providing Free Resources to Help Businesses Navigate Tech Trends

Posted by ONEFIRE on 2/3/15 2:29 AM

PEORIA, IL, February 3, 2015 -- Living in a global information age, businesses are constantly bombarded by innovation, the latest gadgets and information. Wading through the noise to make sense of what is the best for one's company can be a web of confusion.

Digital strategy leader OneFire has launched a new website with several components that decipher the latest trends and provide information in a format that is easy to use and easy to understand.

"We are living in a post-PC business environment with everything moving to mobile platforms," said Jason Parkinson, OneFire vice president and chief operating officer. "At OneFire it is our priority to learn everything we can about the latest digital technology and applications, and determine how companies can leverage these innovations to grow their business. With our new website, blog, and podcast, we are taking what we have learned and making it available beyond our client base."

OneFire has also unveiled its new Inside Business Tech podcast. A component of the company's blog, Inside Business Tech is a weekly podcast that covers the latest trends in technology and business, and highlights business headlines in a quick news format.

"The Inside Business Tech podcast is produced so that anyone doing their morning workout, or driving to work can easily listen," said Parkinson, who is also the host of the podcast. "It's short -- no more than five minutes -- and at the end of podcast we provide a ten-second summary that gives listeners a take-away they can apply in their own businesses."

The website's blog is a platform for OneFire's team of digital strategists to dive a little deeper into business and technology trends. A recent blog post provided readers a firsthand look at business applications for technology announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Other topics have included tips on working with Millennials, content marketing, and business strategy.

"It used to be that companies operated in silos with their marketing department on one floor, their IT department on another floor and logistics somewhere else," said Parkinson. "Today, business practices are so integrated that individual departments can no longer work in isolation. At OneFire our mission is to help companies navigate these digital waters, and through our blog and podcast we are taking our insight beyond our own walls."

The Inside Business Tech podcast is available on iTunes or at www.onefiremedia.com/podcast


Located in the NEXT Innovation Center in Peoria, Illinois, OneFire, Inc. (www.onefire.com) is the premier provider for digital solutions and services, monitoring the latest gains and advances in technology and maintaining a pulse on an ever-evolving industry. The OneFire team molds its expertise to develop and deliver “the best way” solutions and services, focusing on nurturing existing business partnerships while seeding new ones across a wide range of markets and industries.

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