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Drastically Speed Up Your Timeline for Mobile App Development

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 9/26/16 10:30 AM
Mark Hemmer

So, you've decided that your business should have a mobile app. Excellent idea. Mobile apps can put your business ahead and give you a new way to engage customers, build loyalty, and make yourself visible (on a platform where your customers spend a great deal of their time). The only downside? Traditionally, mobile app development takes months and that process can get longer and more expensive if anything falls out of scope. Not only is waiting around costly, it's also hard to be patient. When you're excited about launching an app, you want to do it soon, not at a time TBD. You need to speed it up.

How do you speed up the timeline for mobile app development? 

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First, here are a few increasingly ill-advised and absurd options:

Complain Incessantly 

Start a mobile app project with an agency and then, when they're a few months into the project, complain. Then keep complaining. Call office phones. Call home phones. Leave voicemails. Actually, stop by the office of the agency at least twice a week. Look annoyed. Gesture that you're irritated by how long it's taking. Send e-mails. Send several e-mails each day. Loudly announce that the developers should "Do the code faster." Continue complaining. Be dramatic. Compare your ordeal to an actual ordeal. Great! The ETA is still 7-8 months. Your complaining held everyone up. 

Hibernate For Months 

Ok. ok. ok. This sounds crazy. We know that. But, with enough willpower (and tranquilizers?) anything is possible, right? Sure, your job will wonder why you're not showing up to work and your family may be concerned about the medical validity of sleeping for 5 or so months, but bears do it. If a bear can do it, surely you can do it. Anything to avoid waiting for that app project to be completed. 

Build a Time Machine 

Granted, pop culture has made every attempt to make clear that building a time machine would have disastrous results (hilarious to an audience, but disastrous otherwise). But, you could try to build a time machine and travel 4-8 months into the future, when your app will be ready to launch. True, that's an expensive and tangential way to approach this problem, but we're not here to make judgments. If you want to sink money into a time machine because the timeline for mobile app development is too long, that's on you. 

Bad idea, all of them! Now, here's the real one:

Contact OneFire 

OneFire Mobile Apps are designed for rapid development. With pre-built components and design layouts ready to go, your app is easier to develop, customizable, and quick. How quick? OneFire can build and launch a mobile app for your company in 45 days or less. That's a month and a half. Compared to an industry average of 18 weeks (or, approx. 4 1/2 months), that is lightning. OneFire builds apps that are affordable and fast. Building a mobile will improve your business and you don't have to wait around forever. 

There are a handful of bad ideas for speeding up app development. There's one clear good one: get in touch today and let's build something amazing for your business.


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