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Forget The Numbers

Posted by ONEFIRE on 2/4/13 7:24 AM

We have blogged a bit lately about the post-PC era. Moving forward, we'll certainly blog a bit more about it. It seems as though the writing is on the wall. However, as one combs the web for other thought leaders covering the topic, it is interesting to note some of the comments left by some who poo-poo the notion of a post-PC era.

There are some who question the numbers, others question the meaning of the numbers, and still others disregard the numbers altogether. Some question the definition of "PC." As an example, check the comments offered on this post at The Motley Fool.

At the end of the day, whether we are officially in one era or another may be somewhat of a perception. Our take is that tablets and smartphones have permanently hedged their way into the way people compute and consume. As we have maintained along the way, the PC isn't dead. PC's will be a fundamental player in many facets of the global economy for the foreseeable future.

We invite you to be like those who disregard the numbers altogether. Instead, just think of your own work flow. You may occasionally think, "This is so much easier on an iPad/iPhone." Our business partners want to connect with those people, and to make sure there are no technology speed bumps preventing the best user experience. That's how OneFire is adding value for our business partners.

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