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Google Glass: Disruptive?

Posted by ONEFIRE on 3/3/13 7:30 AM

There is so much talk these days in the tech blogosphere about Google Glass that one would think it's the next disruptive technology. Truly, it's likely getting attention because of the marketing heft behind the capital "G." It's like Twitter's Vine, which is nice, but not worthy of a week's worth of tech headlines (not to mention Vine is not the first of its kind).

Recently there are tech pundits and market watchers that are doubting the disruptive potential of Glass. Case-in-point, this article from Forbes from contributor Haydn Haughnessy.

There's no question Google Glass has teeth to bite into a large market. It has potential for a number of business and education applications. I just don't think it's the consumer market. Not yet. Google Glass has a similar nerdy appeal (turnoff) as bluetooth earpieces. A lot of people use bluetooth earpieces–some for practical reasons, some as if to say, "Hey, I'm important." It's a nice niche market, but not a game changer.

But the tech is young, and what looks ridiculous and oversized today will be shrunken to barely detectable in the future. Then Google Glass will lose the cyborg shtick and be reasonable for the fashion conscious to wear in public. And this is when a whole new social challenge begins, according to Mark Hurst over at Creative Good. This article raises a great question, not for wearers of Glass, but for everyone else within ear–and eye–shot. Make the jump and read this'n.

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