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How A Touchscreen Kiosk Can Improve Safety In The Workplace

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/11/16 10:30 AM
Mark Hemmer

While we've already covered how building a touchscreen experience can revolutionize your marketing, did you know it can also make your workplace safer?

In contrast to its marketing potential, it's far less clear how a touchscreen kiosk can help improve safety. But, it's true! We'll use manufacturing as our primary example. Manufacturing requires training with and working with heavy machinery. That type of workplace 'tool' is no joke and has the capacity for great harm. That's why safety protocols are so stringent and why hard hats are required. A touchscreen kiosk can mitigate that danger and take some of it away completely. Here's how:

1. Better Reminders and Alerts

A touchscreen is a lightning-fast interactive display. Placing a touchscreen kiosk in various industrial workstations can help dramatically improve safety by relaying vital information faster and more effectively. Employees can pull up safety protocol reminders or user manuals with the swipe of a finger. Instead of digging through a paper booklet, that provides the necessary (even limb-saving) information in a flash and allows for the safest approach possible. For supervisors, getting safety alerts becomes much easier. Alerts can be pushed to the touchscreen instead of needing to be relayed by pager, intercom, or... however people relay alerts these days.

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2. Train on a Touchscreen instead of Equipment

One of the most impactful ways that touchscreens can assist with safety is as a capable stand-in for dangerous machinery and equipment. With brilliant graphics, complete 360 degree views, and interactive abilities, a touchscreen can successfully replace machinery in certain situations. The most apt would be training. If you're a technician in training or you're learning about a machine to be able to sell it, a touchscreen can provide the fully interactive experience you need to learn. Instead of having to use the actual machinery for every task (even if it's purely information and doesn't require machinery use), you can use your touchscreen for the same effect. By keeping operation of dangerous machinery to an as-needed minimum, you're improving overall safety.

3. Delegate With a Touchscreen

What if the dangerous aspects of your workplace could be done by somebody else and that 'somebody else' was a robot, instead of a person? With a touchscreen, that's a real possibility. You can run a robot from a touchscreen, giving you the ability to delegate dangerous tasks involving heavy machinery to other machinery. As technology continues to advance, the ability to protect employees will continue to increase. With a touchscreen, you're ahead of the curve.

Building a touchscreen kiosk (especially in manufacturing spaces) will pay off in a myriad of ways. In addition to being one of the most underutilized marketing mediums, touchscreens can improve workplace safety. 

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