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How Custom Content Development Gives Your Business the Edge

Posted by Heather Swick on 2/10/17 10:00 AM


When it comes to marketing your business, content can be a massive driving force for new clients. But with the endless content online in your industry, how do you stand out and appeal to new leads?

If you’re going to spend the time, money and energy creating content for your website, you want it to be worthwhile. The most useful content is going to engage your audience, and that’s where custom content comes in.

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Here’s why it’s worth your investment:

1. Continue building a relationship

Content marketing uses blog posts, videos, ebooks and infographics to deliver helpful information to an audience. Custom content is a little more focused than that. Custom content takes your content marketing plan and applies it to existing clients and leads, so it plays an important role in transforming leads into clients.

Content marketing brings in new visitors, and custom content creates material that engages clients and offers information that would be helpful to them.

2. Keeps communication open

Think about your blog. What kind of posts do you usually create? If most of your posts are about your industry and directed outside the company, you might want to focus inward. One example of great custom content is your frequently asked questions page. What do your clients tend to ask over and over again? You could take each one of those questions and expand on them into blog posts. You could also take some of those repeating topics or questions and turn them into videos for convenient resources for your clients.

3. Improves customer service

Your customer service is obviously invaluable for retaining your clients. Offering resources and helpful content that is easily accessible to your clients helps boost that relationship. If you nurture a lead relationship with useful material, you’re likelier to gain a new client. So how-tos and customer help are smart topics to include in your marketing plan.

4. Helps you reach specific clients

Custom content development means you can create marketing material that is targeted toward client profiles. Targeted content allows you to focus your material for more measureable results. For example, if you create four target client profiles and put out content that applies to each of those, you can assess which of those content profiles are performing best among your audience.

Content marketing is your outward facing marketing to attract new clients, and custom content allows you to cater that message to the leads and clients you’re working with already. A combination of both types of content helps you to build new relationships while fostering the ones you have already. 

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