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How Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency Can Save Your Budget

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 2/27/17 10:30 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
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Hire an Inbound Marketing agency and save your marketing budget. Marketing and budgets don't typically get along. Marketing can be messy and budgets need to stay clean. As a result, many marketers find that they're either over budget or don't have enough money to do what will make them successful. If you find yourself in that situation, consider finding an agency can expand your team, alleviate your burden, and deliver the results that you need. 

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Predictibility Meets Flexibility 

Handling a marketing budget is a balancing act. Marketing isn't an exact science - it takes trial, error, strategy, pivoting, a wealth of creativity and most importantly, flexibility. You'll note that 'flexibility' is almost the opposite of what 'budget' typically means. A budget demands predictability. So, how do reconcile the needs of marketing with the needs of a budget? Hire an Inbound Marketing agency. Instead of juggling your digital marketing assets on your own and having to throw money at various platforms when things aren't working, hire an agency that can keep your efforts organized. You'll know what the cost is each month to retain the agency. That satisfies the call for predictability. Many agencies also work on a 'points' system. You'll have the option to direct the resources you've hired toward the areas that need it most, at a price you'll know ahead of time. So, if you need more written content one month and more social media management the next, you can allocate your 'points' accordingly. That's flexibility.  

Resources On Resources On...

Resources! You saw that one coming, probably. It's true: an Inbound Marketing agency is packed with resources that make the most of your marketing budget. You gain access to copywriters, designers, web developers - all Inbound Marketing experts. If you were to hire a web developer, designer, copywriter, and project manager in-house, it wouldn't fit within your marketing budget. Not even close. But, by hiring an Inbound Marketing agency, you suddenly have an army of marketing professionals pushing together toward meeting your goals! It costs you a fraction of what building out your own marketing department would cost (especially when you consider training, benefits, and overhead associated with hiring full-time employees), but delivers even better results. There are few options available for supplementing your team overnight with experience, talent, and expertise - not to mention additional personnel. Hiring an Inbound Marketing agency does exactly that. 

Spend Smarter With Analytics

Inbound Marketing collects an enormous amount of data on what's working and what isn't. With monthly analytics meetings lead by your agency, you'll get insights into where your money is best spent. Instead of shuffling your marketing budget around each year, without evidence of what has contributed to success or lack thereof, you can dedicate dollars to what you know generates leads. Traditional advertising doesn't have much to share in the analytics department. You have to take it on good faith that your radio spot or TV commercial is reaching the audience you want it to and that that audience is taking action on it. Inbound Marketing takes the mystery out of it: showing you who is interacting with your marketing messaging and what they're doing afterwards. People buy differently today, researching products and services and looking for answers online. When you meet consumers where they are AND have data to judge how those interactions work out, is is money well spent. 

When you combine predictability with flexibility, you win. When you gain a bonanza of resources in an instant, you win. When you spend your budget based on data-driven insights, you win. Embrace Inbound Marketing and you will save your marketing budget and see results. 

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