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How to Create Touch Screens They Won’t Be Able to Keep Their Hands Off Of

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 5/6/15 9:42 AM
Mark Hemmer

Touch Screen

Without getting too risqué – if you’re building a touch screen – you want that screen to be like a dude in a commercial about shaving. It’s the type where the razor company promises ‘the closest shave EVER’, with 17 blades and aloe strips. The end of those commercials is always the same: the closely shaved dude and whoever his love interest is cannot stop touching his face. Won’t stop.

Are you picturing your touch display getting accosted by close shave enthusiasts?


It’s exciting right? But how do we turn a touch display that gets ignored into one that causes the Close Shave Effect?

Here are some of the best techniques that pull people toward your touch display:

Attraction Loops

A stagnant touch display with little movement is much easier to ignore than one that calls out to you. Without being too intrusive and having the touch display literally yell at prospects to come over and engage with it, the attraction loop allows your display to call to them subtly. By becoming flashier, busier, and more dynamic the longer no one engages with it, the touch display is saying ‘hey look at me’ and people will respond to it. So, instead of a static menu, for example, the display will recognize that no one is using it and will play a video or some kind of animation that snags the attention of those passing by. It’s the perfect way for the display to make the ‘first move.’


Incorporating contesting into your touch display is another way to reach out to prospects and create an active, not passive, touch screen experience. What that contesting can look like varies greatly. One approach would be to have your display function somewhat like a slot machine. At random intervals, prospects engaging with your display can win small prizes or promotional items – just for walking up and spending time engaging. That kind of contest can be made public at the trade show or exhibition to drive foot traffic to the display, it can go unannounced to create positive word-of-mouth and to notify those in the general area that they should come interact.

360-Degree Product Displays

This last technique has applications within the enterprise (training, education) and outside (sales etc.). Using the latest CAD to CGI display technology, 360-degree models can be built and then explored using a touch screen. It’s hard to overstate the usefulness of being able to – with just a quick tap or touch – navigate a building or piece of equipment, virtually. Let’s use heavy machinery as an example. Instead of trying to squeeze a forklift through a conference room door to show off specs and make a sale, you can use a touch display and anyone involved can jump on and get all the visual information they need. That’s a powerful tool and wipes out long standing logistical issues. Plus, they’re intuitive and fun to use, which never hurts.

If your company is ready is create displays that are the talk of wherever you bring them, start exploring what the options are. Then, at your next event or sales pitch, your display can get the Close Shave Treatment.

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