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How to Impress Your Prospects with Virtual Reality For Trade Shows

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 9/7/16 10:30 AM
Mark Hemmer

Everybody is looking for 'The Next Big Thing.' For companies who attend or plan to attend trade shows, 'The Next Big Thing' is everything. You're in a literal crowd, fighting against your competition for the attention of attendees. To cut through the crowd and attract attention from prospects, leverage virtual reality to show off your product or service. Virtual reality is an emerging technology that can do more than traditional marketing collateral. It fully immerses prospective customers in the experience you build for them.

Building a VR application and bringing it to your next trade show will make your booth or display THE one to visit. Here's why you need to use virtual reality for trade shows: 

It's Cool 

"Wow that looks cool!" That thought by itself drives people towards products, services, events, and experiences thousands of times every day. That's why people pull off the highway to visit 'The World's Largest Rocking Chair' and drive through Burger King for the 'Angriest Whopper.' People who don't typically like roller coasters will wait in line to ride the 'Spine Shatterer,' because, hey, it looked cool. Mall kiosks are entirely reliant upon the idea that people are going to think whatever they're selling looks cool and stop to make sure. Virtual reality is - simply put - cool. It's futuristic, it's immersive, it's fun. In a trade show environment, being able to offer passerbys something genuinely cool puts your company way ahead of your competitors who are peddling brochures. The 'cool factor' works. 

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It's Different 

Trade shows can be tiresome, because every booth looks exactly the same. For attendees, it's easy to get burned out after being handed pamphlet upon pamphlet upon pamphlet. Plus, attendees are forced to stand and smile politely while a salesperson gives a drawn-out pitch. Leverage virtual reality and your booth will provide a completely different experience. Not only can you offer something cool that prospects will want to try out, they'll walk away from your booth engaged, exhilarated, and talking about your company. That will stand in stark contrast to the drudgery they'll feel leaving almost every other display.  Use virtual reality in your trade show display and your booth will be the talk of the trade show. 

It's Effective

While having the coolest and most unique display is, in itself, effective, virtual reality is also highly effective at showing off a product or service. Here's why: virtual reality fully immerses prospects in an experience you build. You can build an application that shows off your product or service from any (or every) angle, allow for virtual interaction, and more! Even prospective customers who are familiar with your company have never seen what you can offer like THIS. Virtual reality makes your product or service come to life and will allow trade show attendees to truly understand and appreciate (and experience) what they're looking at. You can leave the pamphlets, brochures, and folders at home for your next trade show. Build a VR experience and the technology will do the rest. 


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