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How We Elevate Our Sales Process with a Digital Sales Room

Posted by ONEFIRE on 3/28/24 12:32 PM  |  3 minute read


If you want to deliver a bespoke experience for your prospects and clients right from the start, then consider implementing a digital sales room in your business.

A digital sales room is a dedicated shared location for you and your buyer to interact, collaborate and access important content. As sales interactions happen increasingly more often online – with 80 percent of sales interactions happening digitally by 2025 – sales teams need to adapt to meet the needs of these changing buyers’ journeys.

We use digital sales rooms as part of our sales engine process for our clients. We think of it as choreographing the sales process experience so that our potential clients are receiving a high end experience from us from the very first outreach. The digital sales room acts as a landing spot for our prospects, and evolves along with the sales process.


The outreach step

We create a digital sales room after the first outreach. That way, we can immediately direct our prospect to a location that is curated for them, and recaps everything we’ve discussed up to that point.

After a discovery call, we like to upload a personalized video follow-up that reviews what we covered in our conversation, plus some action items, uploaded resources and contact information so they know how to reach out with any questions or updates.

This is also an opportunity to share some information about your business, so you can add in an intro to your team or bio introductions for the people they’ll be working with.

We even set up a digital sales room after a prospect reschedules or misses a call. For example, if someone doesn’t show up for a meeting, we will use that time to put together a quick video that shares the information we were planning to cover, along with any resources we were going to share and an opportunity to reschedule.  

This makes it easier for you to continue to build that human connection with your prospects, while giving them a sense of what it would be like to work with you.


The proposal process

The digital sales room becomes particularly important after we’ve made a proposal, because in many cases, not everyone that needs that information is in the meeting with us. 

Instead of relying on someone else to relay the information that we talked about, we can put all the necessary materials in one location that a potential client can share internally with the other stakeholders on their team.

For example, we will upload the proposal document itself and any additional resources that were discussed during that proposal, but we will also upload a video walkthrough of the proposal so that other decision makers can hear a pitch directly from us, even if they weren’t in the meeting. 


Onboarding process

Digital sales rooms can be a tremendous help during the onboarding process.

Onboarding requires so many materials; contracts to sign, trainings to share, documents to upload. It can all get a little overwhelming if those materials are just going to your client’s inbox. The digital sales room keeps it all in one place, and makes it easy for your client to share those materials with other members of their team. 


The Key to Effective Digital Sales Rooms

If you’re going to adopt digital sales rooms in your sales process, consistency and follow through are essential. 

This works both ways. Your team should understand what to add and how to make updates, and your prospect needs to feel comfortable accessing the tools you provide. If your digital sales room is too confusing or overwhelming for your prospects (or for you,) it could be a detriment to the relationship you’re trying to build. 

When used effectively, a digital sales room can streamline sales, simplify the onboarding process and improve the overall customer experience. Build a digital sales room with your prospects and clients in mind, and find the dynamics that will encourage collaboration along the way.


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