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Improve MSP Sales and Marketing Bandwidth Without Adding Headcount

Posted by ONEFIRE on 6/20/23 8:30 AM  |  3 minute read

bandwidthWhen your business is growing but your sales and marketing teams are already working tirelessly, is it time to hire new people? 

Many businesses hit a point where their teams are already working to their limits, but they aren’t ready to take on more employees. This is actually a golden opportunity, because it’s where your MSP can really dig in and streamline your current practices.

So, how do you free up more time for your sales and marketing teams without new hires? Here are four ways to accomplish that:


1. Identify Time Drains

Before you can make meaningful changes, you should talk to your teams and consider a time audit. Some of the simplest tasks can be surprisingly time-consuming, so talk to your employees about what tasks take up the most time. Something as simple as drafting emails, updating CRM information or scheduling meetings can be major time drains.

Fortunately, many of those tasks can be streamlined, outsourced or eliminated with the right tools.


2. Create Sales Systems

Maybe you’re in a situation where you have amazing sales people bringing in consistent business. That’s great! But there is a downfall: those people can leave, and take their sales talent with them.

But if you can set up systems that assist those sales people, then it’ll be easier to replicate that success in the future. Meanwhile, the more you can do to simplify busy work for your sales team, the more time they’ll have to talk to potential clients. 

This might look like setting up tasks or workflows that align with your brand. Criteria for lead qualifications, workflows, and email templates can help promote consistency within your sales practices.


3. Use Tech When You Can

Integrating more tech assistance into daily tasks isn’t intended to replace the talents of your employees; instead, it frees them up to do the work they do best. And as an MSP, time spent building and maintaining customer relationships is essential.

There are so many ways to bring in more technology for your sales and marketing teams, including:

  • Chatbots on your site to answer simple, frequently asked questions
  • AI to help generate content for your site, social media, emails or sales materials
  • Automation to help streamline your reporting and ticketing processes
  • Automatic report generation and time tracking


4. Create Thorough Email Nurture Sequences

Most likely, people who click on your landing pages or search for you online already need your assistance with something. Creating well-established pathways and email sequences once they find you can ensure that those leads get to the right place quickly. 

You probably see the same initial issues again and again when potential customers reach out to you. Use those pain points to create marketing materials that speak directly to them. For example, if new businesses frequently come to you to set up software, you could create a free guide that speaks to the best new software for different industries, or dos and don’ts for setting up tech in a new office. From there, those leads could receive a series of emails that ultimately guides them to the right service for them.

That automated upfront information can answer many of their questions (and yours,) so you can give them what they need right from the beginning.


More Bandwidth for Your Teams

Automation, well-curated marketing funnels and streamlined systems can make all the difference for your sales and marketing teams. Identify which tasks are weighing them down and look for solutions that can lead to more meaningful productivity.


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