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Innovation Consulting Services Can Transform the Enterprise

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 3/27/17 10:00 AM
Mark Hemmer

innovationconsultingtransform.jpgThe enterprise became what it is by finding something that worked well (delivering a desired product or service at a competitive price) and then scaling it, growing into an industry juggernaut. Typically, that one thing that worked well is repeated to great success, until that one thing stops working so well. As consumer needs and market forces change, the enterprise is tasked with pivoting. That can be a big ask for a company built on a routine that has served it well for years. Making a major change to a product, service, operating procedure, or even business model, can shake the enterprise up and sometimes, capsize it. If the enterprise can't clearly see the pathway to innovation, it would be well-served to reach out for help. Big business needs the agile startup, after all. The agile startup can provide the innovation consulting services the enterprise needs to secure its place in the future. 

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Creatives, First 

Creativity can stand in opposition to routine. The enterprise found success with standardization, so it's hard to even consider changing course or coloring outside of the lines. Tapping innovation consulting services gives the enterprise instant access to native creatives. Environment matters. The agile startup breeds creativity and rewards it, resulting in creative professionals who are conditioned to see innovative solutions to complex enterprise problems. The enterprise needs that perspective in the room and teaming with a startup can accomplish it. 

Change is the Plan 

For the enterprise, 'change' can act as a swear word. The enterprise is what it is because of consistency. Upsetting that routine is akin to suggesting that LeBron James try shooting underhand. Like that comparison, suggesting to the enterprise that they change something fundamental is a major stretch. If talk of change remains insular, starting and stopping inside the building, it's unlikely to survive. In contrast, when the enterprise calls on the startup for innovation consulting services, talk of change can be backed up by outside actors. By bringing new voices and new perspectives into the discussion, the enterprise is setting itself up for success. 


Even if you've worked in a coal mine your entire life, you know the general culture (or at least the stereotype) of an office/corporation/enterprise without ever stepping foot in an office building. It's bogged down in bureacracy. Every new idea has to run a gauntlet of approval and sign-offs. It's slow, arbitrary, and stuck in place. Even if that's not how the enterprise views itself, those symptoms tend to present themselves as a company grows bigger. That's another reason the enterprise needs the startup: it's countercultural. Not bound by the same issues the enterprise faces, the startup can offer innovation consulting services that can help the enterprise change.

The enterprise needs innovation consulting services. The enterprise needs creatives, it needs change, it needs counterculture. It needs to get started today.


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