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Innovation Workshops: Enrich Your Employees

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 12/12/16 10:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
2 minute read

innovationworkshop.jpgInnovation Workshops can help you uncover great ideas that will transform your company. There's also another, less obvious, benefit: employee development. The Innovation Process is a crash-course in creativity. As your employees participate in ideation, concept screening, design, and other stages in the process, they'll be learning how to think outside of their cubicles. Every employee has great ideas to offer and all they need is the opportunity to do so. An Innovation Workshop is the perfect environment for good ideas to thrive. It is a dedicated, prioritized space to focus solely on innovation and all that comes with it.  

Education Matters 

University curriculum won't be confused with vocational training anytime soon. The aim of higher education is breadth of knowledge and learning how to learn. In the same way, education still plays a pivotal role in the professional world. Boxed into a data-entry or similarly repetitive job, many of your employees don't have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and you miss out on those ideas as a result. Innovation Workshops can teach employees how to innovate and how to think beyond their immediate tasks. Unlocking that side of your team can change the way your business operates. The entire team can push towards the Big Picture. 

Cultivate Creatives 

Everybody can be a creative, given the chance. If the idea that will save your company is in the building, it shouldn't matter where it comes from. In fact, you should welcome great ideas from unlikely places. Long-term, your company will be positioned best if creativity flows freely. In the current climate, the companies who bring the most creative firepower will win the day. The enterprise can either disrupt or be disrupted. Participating in Innovation Workshops can help improve your chances of accomplishing the former. Companies with entire teams of creatives stand the best chance of finding the idea that will either define or doom the business. 

Innovation First 

Placing innovation first can prove difficult for many businesses. Some of the things closely associated with innovation like risk, failure, change, etc. are the same things that the enterprise is allergic to. So, innovation in the enterprise is often poorly funded, rushed, and left with little support. An Innovation Workshop flips that script. Instead of happening in dark corners or silos, innovation is put first. An Innovation Workshop puts innovation to a process and produces reliable results. Even the smallest innovation 'win' can put a business on a track toward Organizational Innovation. That's a 'win' for your company culture and your future. 

Innovation Workshops can enrich your employees. They'll learn how to innovate. They'll become more creative and know how to express it. They'll see innovation become a priority and respond accordingly.  


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