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[Interview] Developing Software Today for Tomorrow's Augmented Reality Hardware

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 5/4/16 10:00 AM
Mark Hemmer
Augmented Reality Hardware Augmented Reality allows for elements of the digital world to appear over the physical world - enhancing a user's perception and giving them unprecedented access to real-time information and understanding. AR is changing how industries look at problem-solving.

A manufacturer, for example, would never have considered bringing a bulldozer into a boardroom. But, those types of things thought to be 'impossible' are now a legitimate option. Augmented Reality bends (and breaks) what the consensus 'rules' used to be. It really is a whole new (digital) world. The potential applications are just starting to reveal themselves.

As the enterprise and the public move toward adopting AR en masse, developers of AR software and hardware are pushed into the spotlight. AR capabilities are amazing. But, how does it work?

Which is developed first: AR hardware or AR software?

Why develop Augmented Reality software for hardware that may not be available yet?

What is the process for building Augmented Reality hardware?

How do Augmented Reality hardware and software fit together?

These are the types of questions that come up when examining the process of making Augmented Reality ... a reality! AR requires both software and hardware that work together to create experiences. Those experiences have the ability to transform every industry. Marketing, training, and other business areas will become dramatically more effective.

Our Director of Innovation, Harsh Shah, talks about Augmented Reality hardware and developing software that maximizes its capabilities and capitalizes on the best potential AR applications:

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