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iPads - they grow up so fast

Posted by ONEFIRE on 4/15/14 8:44 AM

The now famous iPad announcement in 2010 was met with praise and criticism. Some rightfully announced the iPad (in the early iteration) would not disrupt the PC industry. Others put legs to their wild ideas, and began building an industry around the iPad.

We've hashed out the conversation before. iPads won't replace PC's, fully. And it should be clear now that was not the intent. However...

Fast forward to 2014. Apple, developers, and peripheral makers have essentially seeded an entirely new industry. It's growing. Fast. For many, the iPad is the screen glowing in the office, even for some of the heavy lifting.

Charlie Sorrell reflects on all of the pieces that make the iPad a more mature alternative in this Cult of Mac piece. Check it.

Topics: Industry Trends

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