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Maximize HubSpot ROI with a Solutions Partner

Posted by ONEFIRE on 1/24/22 9:45 AM  |  4 minute read

books-and-coffeeWe're not shy about our love for HubSpot. It's an incredibly powerful platform that makes doing business easier and more effective across marketing, sales, service, and operations.

We don't just recommend HubSpot as a solution. We also help our clients integrate HubSpot into those aforementioned business systems and walk them through the features that will maximize the value they see from the platform.

A pioneer in Inbound Marketing and marketing automation, HubSpot has evolved over time into a robust CRM software that can positively impact all facets of business. With a ton of features to help businesses streamline their sales and marketing processes, HubSpot makes capturing, tracking, and closing leads easier.

What sets HubSpot apart from other CRM platforms?

HubSpot’s annual ROI report breaks down the value of the software, and how its customers have used it to find success. Here are some of the standout figures from that report:


Website Traffic

Website traffic matters because the more visitors that come to your site, the more potential leads and customers you’ll have. HubSpot helps you create optimized website and blog content that ranks well in search engines and drives more traffic to your website. 

Here are some results HubSpot users saw after using its SEO tools:

  • 181% increase in the number of site visitors one year after purchasing HubSpot

  • More than 50% growth in traffic for all Marketing Hub customers

  • 330% traffic increase for CMS Hub Professional customers one year after purchase

  • Bundled marketing, sales, service and CRM products outperformed individual HubSpot products by 160% for site traffic 


Inbound Leads

Inbound marketing attracts customers to your business through content. It focuses on relationship building first, and positioning your business as an expert in the industry. HubSpot excels in helping its users create targeted content that will lead to inbound leads.

Here are some of those customer results in numbers:

  • Customers see a 159% increase in inbound leads one year after purchasing HubSpot

  • All Marketing Hub customers saw an increase in inbound leads one year after starting with HubSpot. Enterprise customers saw the greatest increase at 169%.

  • CMS Hub customers saw immense lead growth of more than 500% after 9 and 12 months of use.

  • By bundling the Marketing Hub and CMS Hub, customers experienced more than two times the lead generation than with each of those products alone.

  • Customers who bundled the Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS Hub saw twice the increase in inbound leads compared to one, two or three product options.

Deals Closed and Won

Website traffic and inbound leads are necessary for gaining more clients, but the true test of your marketing is how well you’re closing - and winning - deals. Tons of website traffic and leads that don’t lead to clients can be a result of messaging that missed the mark. But when your content speaks directly to your ideal customer, your traffic and leads should translate to more deals closed and won.

Here is what some HubSpot users experienced after one year of use:

  • Companies of all sizes reported a 50% or more increase in closed-won deals

  • After 1 year, companies across all industries reported at least an 83% increase in closed-won deals

  • After 1 year, customers who purchased the Sales Hub Enterprise level saw a 347% improvement in deals closed-won.

  • The Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS Hub bundle performed significantly better in closed-won deals than Sales Hub alone one year after purchasing HubSpot.


Download the full 2021 HubSpot CRM Platform ROI Report


Bottom Line

We believe in the results that HubSpot can provide our clients. But we also know that it’s a powerful platform that can be challenging to optimize when you’re new to it.

That’s where solutions partners come in. ONEFIRE is a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, which means we’ve met the criteria and obtained the necessary certifications in order to guide our clients in effectively implementing and using the platform to its fullest potential. 

With any new software comes a learning phase, and working with a partner can get your team up to speed much faster. We help our clients implement the HubSpot tools effectively, so they can set their sales and marketing plans up for success right from the beginning.

For many businesses, their CRM system is a major part of their daily operations. It needs to be streamlined, effective, and accessible enough for your team to feel comfortable using it consistently. We’ve seen the success our clients have had with HubSpot and are passionate about helping create more success stories for businesses looking to grow.


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