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New Technology Can Power Your Mobile Exhibits

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 3/8/17 10:00 AM
Mark Hemmer

showroom.jpgShowing off your line of products (or your service) can be tricky. Your competitors are doing the same thing you are: trying to stand out. Whether you're involved with showrooms, mobile exhibits, or permanent displays, you need an edge that will keep you in front of the competition. You could go with a classic gimmick (think hired models or a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man) or you could leverage emerging technology, wowing visitors and prospective customers in brand new ways. 

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Virtual Reality 

Filling a showroom with products can come at a substantial cost. If you have a mobile exhibit, both cost and logistics might stand in your way. If you sell larger products and need to display them, consider using Virtual Reality. With VR, your products can 'be there' without being there. Using a VR headset, prospective customers can view your products virtually, in an immersive environment that faithfully replicates the real deal. That becomes helpful when you're trying to show off aircraft in a mobile trailer exhibit. If you are in the travel industry, you can use VR to help potential vacationers see themselves at their destination ahead of time. That's a powerful closing technique and it's certainly less expensive than flying people out. Virtual Reality allows you to do more, at less cost over time.

Augmented Reality 

Like VR, Augmented Reality opens up a world of possibilities in marketing and demonstrating your product line or service offering. With a tablet, smartphone, or specific AR hardware, you can equip potential customers with the means to bring your products or services to life. For example, boost the interactivity of your showroom display with a series of posters and AR triggers. When looking through a device, customers can see 3D models of your products pop right off of the page. That's more interesting than any brochure and gives potential buyers a more complete view of what they're looking to purchase. Similarly, AR acts as an information delivery system. You can embed supplementary information throughout your display, hidden from the physical world and instantly accessible through a device. 

Touchscreen Displays 

Make it easier for potential customers to call up the information they need. There's nothing wrong with having sales representatives on hand to help answer questions. But, by installing touchscreen displays in your showroom or mobile exhibits, you're putting the power back into the hands of your potential customers. With brilliant digital displays and lighting-quick response, touchscreen displays catch attention and hold onto it. For customers, it's intuitive and they can bring up the information and media they need at their pace. Using a touchscreen display instantly customizes the experience for customers, giving them the ability to peruse your products and services at a clip that's comfortable for them. That type of power makes it easier for them and easier for you. 

If you need to display your products and services in a striking way, consider leveraging the technology mentioned above. Using cutting edge tech to power your displays can save you money, wow potential customers, and set your company apart from its competition. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Touchsceen Displays can turn your showroom or mobile exhibit into an experience that will keep people talking. 


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