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Okay Glass, Meet Peoria

Posted by ONEFIRE on 7/11/13 8:37 AM

The smartphone put a capital "P" on the "personal" in personal computers. What's more personal than a gadget you can carry with you, anywhere? The answer: is a device you wear.

On board with testing the very latest in post-PC devices, OneFire has, of course, jumped at the opportunity to "kick the tires" on Google Glass. Jason Parkinson and Vanna Whi..., er, Anton Peck represented OneFire on WMBD 31 .

As you would expect, there is controversy around the idea of the post-PC era. Our position is this: PC's aren't going away, they are simply sharing a burgeoning digital space. With the advent of touch screens and shrinking processors, more and more, users turn to PC's that fit into the day-to-day life for the bulk of their digital consumption.

Glass is Google's foray into–and bet on–wearable computers. Glass isn't the first we will see in this tech sector, but the pair at OneFire is the first you'll see right here in River City.

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