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OmniFocus 2, Pricing, and you

Posted by ONEFIRE on 9/23/14 8:42 AM

The OmniGroup outed a brand new, from-the-ground-up version of OmniFocus for iPhone. The OmniGroup announced work on an OmniFocus refresh at MacWorld, the results of which will soon be hitting other Apple devices, namely the iPad and Mac. The iPhone app refresh, OmniFocus 2, hits in time for Apple's release of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5c and 5s.

Reviews of version 2.0 are positive, such as this post from The Verge and AppAdvice.

An interesting phenomenon that the smart device era has created is consumer expectation for the cost of apps. Because this is a new app, not an update, OmniFocus will cost the full price in the AppStore, which will set you back $19.99. This has some consumers in a bit of a tizzy, judging by the comments on app review posts. If a $19.99 price tag has you wincing, check MacSparky's blog post under the subtitle "The Price." Well stated.

iPhone users should really not look unfavorably upon paying premium prices for premium products. You do, after all, have an Apple product in your hand.

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