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Ophthalmology Practices Focus On Brand Differentiation at AAO 2022

Posted by ONEFIRE on 10/5/22 10:43 AM  |  2 minute read

jim1ONEFIRE's Chief Brand Strategist, Jim Flynn, spoke at this year's AAO conference in Chicago about Brand Differentiation. Specifically, Flynn covered how ophthalmology practices can discover their distinction and build comprehensive growth plans around it, bringing more new patients into the practice. 

It's a hot topic for ophthalmology practices as they look towards 2023 and start setting goals around new patient acquisition and growth. 

Discovering and defining a practice brand starts from within. Once a practice truly understands what drives its people, its brand promise will begin to match its brand experience. Achieving that alignment adds punch to every line of marketing copy and every sales asset, as the practice is living its brand promise day in and day out.

Practices that can operationalize their brands and deliver on their distinctions more easily build trust with prospects and patients.


All of this complex branding strategy work ultimately comes down to serving prospective and current patients more effectively. Practices that learn how to serve patients at every stage of their journey will find a steady stream of new patients over the longterm. 

Flynn's presentation at AAO 2022 also covered tactics for improving performance and visibility on Google, how to build a patient-centric content strategy, tips for optimizing practice websites, creating content for every stage of the patient journey, and leveraging the right tools to boost patient conversions. 

Down to the tactic level, Flynn explained how to leverage a differentiated brand to reach new patients and add value to current patients. 

Reaching patient growth goals starts with a strong brand. A strong brand starts with discovering what makes your practice unique and refining how to communicate that to prospective patients, current patients, and even your own team.

If you missed this presentation, you can still download the deck below and use the materials to prepare your practice for the year ahead.

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