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Overcoming The Biggest Content Challenges: Limited Time & Resources

Posted by Jaclyn Fones on 2/16/15 3:30 AM  |  3 minute read

Limited Time I was just reading earlier this week on DemandMetric.com that content marketing can generate three times as many leads as traditional marketing while costing 62% less. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a great marketing investment to me. So why aren’t more companies formalizing a content marketing strategy?

The truth is content marketing may seem simple in theory, but it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. In this first part, of my four-part blog series on Overcoming the Biggest Content Challenges, let’s begin to explore some of the top obstacles and possible ways to successfully deal with them.

Content marketing isn’t a quick tactic that you can check the box as completed and then move on. It requires a dedicated team who is delivering a consistent effort every day. So what happens if you don’t have this team or the time on a daily basis?

Assign the task – Identify key players in your organization who can team up and document what content exists and what content is needed, but doesn’t currently exist. These individuals may have other “day jobs,” but allowing them to dedicate a portion of their time to this cause can help your organization develop a comprehensive content calendar as well as assign priorities.

Repurpose old content – Revise, reformat and segment existing content into something fresh. For example, take an old white paper and create several blog entries, social media posts or a webinar series.

Curate content – Find and share the most relevant and valuable content that is already published by experts on your specific topic. Just make sure you always credit the source.

Leverage your sales team – No one knows your products and services as well as the customer needs better than your sales team. So as part of their ongoing training, have them share their knowledge in the form of white papers, presentations, etc. and then leverage that content in your marketing efforts.

Outsource your content – If your organization does not have the right resources to execute a successful content marketing strategy then hire outside help to make it happen. You can save yourself a big headache by having reputable experts not only create, but also promote and measure your results.

All of this may still seem overwhelming to you, but just remember you have to start somewhere and any progress is good progress. I always tell my clients to not rush into something they’re not prepared to fully take on. Just focus on crawling…then walking…and then running. You’re more likely to achieve sustainable success by doing so.

Overcoming the Biggest Content Challenges:

Part 1: Limited Time & Resources
Part 2: Creating Content that Engages
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Part 4: Measuring Your Content

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