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Peoria Company Launches Crowd Funded Project

Posted by ONEFIRE on 8/27/13 9:28 AM

(Peoria, IL) When is a standard wall calendar not quite what it seems? Only when the team at OneFire gets their hands on it! OneFire is proud to announce the start of their first ever crowd funded project called Augmented Reality (AR) Calendar.

You may have never heard of Crowd Funding, but it is something that Jason Parkinson, Vice President of OneFire, says it is changing the way ideas are funded right here in Central Illinois. “The difference between crowd funding your idea and seeking large scale investors is that with crowd funding, every day people like you and I can chip in a few bucks to help support a project that we believe in.”

The project that Parkinson and his business partner Jake Hamann are crowd funding now is a wall calendar, but this isn’t any ordinary calendar. The 2014 edition they’re raising money for is designed with beautiful images from around the world. The twist is that when you download their free companion app for your smartphone, the images on the printed page come to life and show you a time lapse scene of what was going on right when that specific image was snapped.

Hamann says that Augmented Reality is something that’s growing in popularity. “While there will always be a place in the world for the printed page, we really see the trend moving towards how people will interact with those prints through the devices they have with them all the time. One of the uses of Augmented Reality allows for a digital layer of information to be placed on top of the printed page when viewed through a special AR app. This could be used to make a poster come to life, advertisements in the newspaper could talk to you about their product, or in our case, the beautiful artwork in a printed calendar coming alive. We’re also working on building in the ability for users to create their own calendars for family and friends that work with our app.”

OneFire has chosen Kickstarter.com as their crowd funding platform for raising money to bring their AR Calendar product to market. They are seeking $12,000 in funding from backers of the project in order to cover the physical calendar printing costs and development of the free companion AR app. People are able to contribute anything from one dollar all the way up to $1,500 towards the project with OneFire providing rewards based on the level of backing. While a $15 contribution will get you a physical calendar shipped to your house when the project is complete, a $1,500 contribution will bring the developers of the project to your front porch to hand deliver a copy of the calendar while serenading you with a song.

Parkinson says “The rewards system on Kickstarter is what makes it fun to back projects you want to see succeed. Knowing that you’ve been a part of helping make something is a great reward, but actually getting a copy of that thing you supported is even better.”

You can support the AR Calendar Kickstarter project by visiting http://1fi.re/arcalendar or searching for Peoria projects on Kickstarter.com. The project is live through September 25th.


Located in the NEXT Innovation Center in Peoria, Illinois, OneFire, Inc. (www.onefiremedia.com) is the premier provider for digital solutions and services, monitoring the latest gains and advances in technology and maintaining a pulse on an ever-evolving industry. The OneFire team molds its expertise to develop and deliver “the best way” solutions and services, focusing on nurturing existing business partnerships while seeding new ones across a wide range of markets and industries.

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