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Reaching Millennials: 17 Digital Marketing Basics To Start Now

Posted by Heather Swick on 7/22/16 10:30 AM


Millennials, currently made up of teens, 20-somethings and 30-somethings, hold a hefty amount of purchasing power. According to Accenture, they are spending some $600 billion annually. So it makes sense that you would want to engage them with your marketing.
This generation works, interacts and purchases differently, so if you're hoping to reach this demographic, you may have to revamp your approach.

1. Expand Your Reach

If you want to reach millennials, you'll need to think beyond the website. Millennials are very active on social media, so spend time and effort boosting your presence on social media sites.

2. Use Video

Millennials watch the most digital video out of any other US age group, so creating video content is an excellent way to reach them. Focus on creating entertaining, educational videos that can deliver a message in a couple minutes or less.

3. Focus on a Cause

This generation is focused on altruism, so use that in your marketing where you can. According to Rackspace, nearly 40 percent of Millennials prefer to spend money on a good cause, even it leads to a price increase. 

4. Humanize your Brand

Millennials value connection, so if you shine a spotlight on the people and teams in your business, they are likelier to want to work with or purchase from you. Be more accessible, present content in a friendlier tone and be transparent about the products or services you're selling.

5. Work on Two-Way Communication

Piggybacking off of a humanized approach, millennials also want to feel heard. They are more likely to voice their opinions online than other generations, so it's worthwhile to respond to comments, engage in questions and address concerns.

6. Let Go of Traditional Advertising

Millennials are tech-savvy, and they are likely to research your brand or products before purchasing. Because of that, traditional ads and techniques are not as effective for this generation. 

7. Be Reachable

Similar to two-way communication, reachability and customer service are important to constantly-connected millennials. Make sure your contact information is readily available, and offer different methods for getting in touch.

8. Offer Discounts and Rewards

Thanks to tough economic times, piles of student loan debt and an iffy job market, millennials are definitely very cost-conscious. Millennials also tend to choose brands based on savings and rewards. Strategically planned coupons and offers can reap major benefits for your business.

9. Launch a Campaign

Millennials are, overall, very engaged in social media campaigns and movements. Remember the genius ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that raised $115 million for research and awareness of the disease? It's that kind of engagement that can really spark interest and action among this generation.

10. Personalize the Experience

Millennials prefer a personalized approach, so live chat customer service on your site, personalized emails and quizzes can help gain loyal customers.

11. Authentic Reviews and Feedback

This generation does plenty of online research before buying, and influencers like YouTube stars and bloggers play a big role in that. Try sending products to identified influencers for your target audience, and make sure you have honest reviews available on your site.

12. Reach Out and Ask Questions

Is there something you want to know about your clients and audience? Just ask. Millennials are willing to voice opinions, especially via social media. So pose questions from your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, and you can expect honest feedback.

13. Use Text Messaging...

Brands like Express have been incredibly successful from texting sale alerts and deals to their clients. And because millennials are typically glued to their phones, you are likely to reach them.

14. ...But Don't Eliminate Email

Millennials aren't anti-email; it still reigns as a simple, effective method to spread a message. Just be conscious that the majority of emails are now opened on phones, so you will want to keep your message to-the-point and mobile friendly. 

15. Reward Loyalty

According to a recent survey from Ambassador, 95 percent of 18-to-34-year-olds said they would like to be rewarded for sharing a brand or product online. This could be in the form of credit, gifts, loyalty points or even cash. 

16. Go Mobile

At this point, we all know that mobile is a big deal. Stay conscious of that in your marketing, especially in site design, email and social media presence. It's just another way to connect with millennials where they are.

17. Inbound Marketing is King

Above all, honest, high-quality content is going to do very well with millennials. Focus on a casual, transparent tone and offer up real, helpful tips and information to showcase the heart and soul of your business and products.
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