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Save on Shipping: AR and VR Can Bring Your Product Anywhere

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/23/18 10:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
1 minute read


When you have an enormous product, your world can feel pretty small. Even if you sell worldwide, you're always limited by where and when you're able to show off your product. Whether you sell airplanes, bulldozers, or modular homes, your ability to ship your product to potential customers (or bring those customer to you) limits your ability to close deals. In a similar way, if you rent property or run a resort, you're often too far for people to experience what you can offer. Travel and shipping costs can be prohibitive. Don't let those costs stand in the way of your company's success. With augmented reality and virtual reality, you can take your product anywhere at a fraction of the price.

Size Doesn't Matter

No matter how big your product is, AR and VR can transport it without the cost of shipping. Either place your product, to-scale, in any environment with AR or put potential customers in a totally immersive VR environment and let them experience your product there. In both cases, a brilliant exact digital replica of your product will be instantly available for your potential customers to explore. Instead of spending the lead-up to every trade show worrying about what it will cost to ship your machines, put a solution into action now and rest assured that your products will be seen in the best light. 

Showing Beats Telling

While print or video can tell someone about your product and what it can do, it's not the same experience as walking around it. With AR and VR, you can give potential customers the ability to walk around your product and bring up more information on demand. It's a close experience to having your physical product there. Instead of paying enormous costs for shipping, ship a few headsets and give potential customers an AR or VR experience instead. 

Paying for freight or shipping isn't worth it anymore. Your potential customers will be excited about AR and VR and building that experience will be considerably more cost effective than trying to move gigantic products across the U.S. Augmented and Virtual reality have changed the rules. Now there's no product too big or too cumbersome to bring to your potential customers anywhere in the world. 


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