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The Future is Here: Build an IoT Proof of Concept

Posted by Spencer Cree on 3/22/17 10:00 AM

IoTpocnew.jpg Is your business ready to embrace the Internet of Things? If the answer is 'yes,' then you'll need to start with an IoT Proof of Concept. There are plenty of things to consider when building a Proof of Concept for the Internet of Things. Below, we run through a few major considerations that you should chew over before you begin. When you're ready to explore how your business can take advantage of the Internet of Things, reach out to a partner that can help take your idea and turn it into a reality

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Here's what you need to consider when building a Proof of Concept for the Internet of Things:

IoT Could Be the Future of Business 

It's no secret that the Internet of Things is the future (Alexa and Google Home say 'hello!') But, the IoT could very well be the future of Big Business. With consumers demanding 'smarter' devices, connectivity is rapidly becoming the new normal. There's money to be had in developing IoT software and hardware that help make people's lives easier. If you have an idea for an IoT solution that can solve a problem or provide convenience, now is the time to start developing that idea into a product. That process starts with building a Proof of Concept.

An IoT Proof of Concept Can be Affordable 

Starting a simple IoT project doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, working with the IoT is likely less expensive than you think. Many of the tools you'd need are affordable and easy to set up (like a Particle Photon Board, Particle cloud backend, and a Firebase realtime database for data storage). The IoT runs off of Wifi, which many businesses already use. Don't let cost scare you off from starting an IoT project. While there's an initial investment in any kind of Proof of Concept project, the payoff on the other end could be enormous. 

Security Can't Be Ignored, Even in the PoC Stage 

You've likely heard about the recent Wikileaks that revealed CIA hacking tools. Among the revelations was the CIA's use of malware to infiltrate IoT devices, like smart TVs (no, your microwave isn't eavesdropping). While that incident was the headline-grabber, there is no shortage of hacking attempts on IoT devices. Many IoT devices have been designed without security in mind and that makes them a prime target for hackers. Most IoT devices rely on backend clouds to do their heavy lifting. If that cloud isn't kept safe, personal data is imperiled. 

The security aspect of IoT needs to taken into account during the PoC stage and executed throughout the project. The biggest hurdle to the rapid adoption of the Internet of Things is going to be the presently shaky state of its security. Overall, starting an IoT Proof of Concept project is an excellent move for businesses who want to position themselves for growth and success in the future. It is affordable and as long as security is prioritized, businesses can use the IoT to accomplish some amazing things. 

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