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The Future of Voice Recognition

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/8/15 1:00 AM
Mark Hemmer

“PC load letter… what the [expletive] does that mean?”

I wish you wouldn’t swear, Michael. I’m addressing the issue now. 

It would have been *awkward* if the printer talked back in Office Space (and the "beating" would have been MUCH more sadistic).

But, we might not be that far away from a world where voice recognition is included in devices all over our homes and offices.

The Internet of Things’ logical progression is a future where your washer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge, thermostat, and more are connected and equipped with voice recognition. Obviously, not everything can have a display screen. But does it need to? With voice recognition, your appliances could become smart enough to converse with you directly.

Think about the possibilities: in the near future, you could change a diaper while simultaneously instructing your stove when to turn the heat up, bring it lower, and turn off.

Wit.ai, a start-up based in Palo Alto with big dreams of providing the means for all kinds of businesses to use voice recognition technology, is leading the charge.

MIT Technology Review describes Wit.ai:

“Developers type a handful of plain-English commands they want it to recognize, such as “Wake me up tomorrow at 6” or “Wake me up in 20 minutes,” and note what they want to accomplish through each command—in this case, set the alarm on a hypothetical voice-controlled smart watch. Wit.ai uses what it knows about language to figure out the different ways a command might be expressed. Then, when a user wants to set the alarm for a specific time, that person’s utterances are sent to a Wit.ai server, which analyzes the audio and sends structured data back to the gadget.”

Beyond telling your toaster to start your Pop-Tarts in the morning, voice recognition tech can make your entire home smarter.

Is this the future? Siri made waves when ‘she’ burst into our lives. Soon, Siri may seem passé when you can talk to everything in your home.

Just remember – be kind to your devices. Especially once they can hold a conversation.

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