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Throw Away Your Sticky Notes, New OneFire Watch App Makes Your Workday Make Sense

Posted by ONEFIRE on 4/26/15 4:55 AM

FollowUpSomehow, in a world where there’s a calendar and note-taking app on every laptop, smartphone and tablet, sticky notes have survived. They’re tacked onto your monitor. They’re plastered on your desk. Maybe one is stuck on your back, on accident.

Is there is a better way? Of course. There’s been multiple ‘better ways’ released over the past few years. But with each release of a calendar app or a notification app or a digital assistant of some kind (sorry, Siri), we can’t get it quite right. It’s too intrusive. It’s too impractical. Its voice becomes grating (again, we’re really sorry, Siri). OneFire may have just cracked the code with ‘FollowUp’.

FollowUp is a new Apple Watch app that cuts out everything irritating about its predecessors and leaves its users with a clean, seamless way to – fittingly enough – follow up effectively with what they need to.

What makes FollowUp different? Users give FollowUp access to their calendar and contacts. From there, FollowUp takes over.

Imagine you’re in a meeting. It’d be weird to dictate a note out loud. It’d be impolite to type out a calendar reminder or full note while someone’s talking. The FollowUp app, pulls up the meeting you’re in and with a tap of your watch, you can identify contacts or items that you want to follow up with. Select your preferences, and FollowUp can send those reminders to you through e-mail, push notifications, or more.

While FollowUp does allow for dictation of longer notes, its genius lies in its subtlety. With one or two taps of your watch, you can manage your contacts and projects mid-meeting, without missing a beat.

This is the kind of the app that is going to cause widespread cases of co-workers leering over shoulders to try to figure out how anyone can stay on top of everything, all of the time. The secret’s simple: you just need to FollowUp.

Coming soon to the app store!



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