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Kill Your Competition: Use Computer Generated Imagery In Marketing

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 4/20/16 10:00 AM

Even though it's, frankly, asinine to compare business, sports, or anything else to actual war, there's a reason the metaphor is so popular: it simply and clearly illustrates its point.

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Topics: CAD to CGI Conversion

Industrial Marketing Solutions: 10 Reasons CGI Trumps Photos

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 2/15/16 10:00 AM

Photographers are in trouble. Marketers are starting to see the computer-generated writing on the wall: CGI is in, photos are out.

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Topics: CAD to CGI Conversion

How to Create Touch Screens They Won’t Be Able to Keep Their Hands Off Of

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 5/6/15 9:42 AM

Without getting too risqué – if you’re building a touch screen – you want that screen to be like a dude in a commercial about shaving. It’s the type where the razor company promises ‘the closest shave EVER’, with 17 blades and aloe strips. The end of those commercials is always the same: the closely shaved dude and whoever his love interest is cannot stop touching his face. Won’t stop.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, CAD to CGI Conversion, Strategy, Touch Screen

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