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Traveling for Business? Don't Leave Home Without These 6 Apps

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 3/4/15 12:00 AM
Mark Hemmer

Packing for a business trip is always a stressor. Did you remember to pack enough clean underwear and socks? What about toothpaste? Don’t tell me you left your phone charger on your bed..!

Sweating yet? Creeping towards a full-blown panic?

Understandable. Now, breath.

What’s in your suitcase matters – a TON (You don’t want to go to that board meeting in sweatpants again).

But, what you ‘pack’ or install, rather, on your smart device might save you even bigger headaches (Again, provided you didn’t forget your slacks. No coming back from that).

Check out these 6 apps that can help you make smarter decisions, navigate a new city, and stay organized:


TripCase allows you to view your trip in one easy-to-digest dashboard. Instead of rifling through your bag for flight itineraries and hotel confirmations, you can display all important information at once and get notifications if anything with your trip changes. For those who want to plan their trip even further, TripCase can pull up driving directions, seat maps on planes, alternate travel options, and more. The app will even tell you if it’s raining out, if you ask nicely. All in all, TripCase acts as your personal command center and it’s always good to ride in the captain’s chair.

Google Translate:

Google Translate continues to make marked improvements and it’s a lifesaver if you’re traveling abroad and there’s a language barrier. Don’t get stuck eating a hot plate of testiculos de toro in Barcelona. Using the latest version of the app, you can use the Word Lens feature to point your camera at a sign or text and it will instantly translate. That’s pretty helpful – particularly with food and public transportation. When you’re trying to converse with someone who speaks a different language, the app can serve as the mediator and allow you to communicate with little delay.


Uber is rapidly becoming a household name and it’s easy to see why. When trekking through a new city (or even country), trying to hail a cab or go through a dispatch can be a nightmare. For markets with Uber, you don’t worry about carrying the right amount of cash, whether they accept credit, or who the driver is. With a tap of a button, you can get the ride you need quickly. Because it’s all monitored on the app, you’ll know your driver’s name, see the route you’re taking, and it’s totally cashless.

Bed Bugs Proof:

Bed bugs are one of the trickier travel dangers, because they’re nigh impossible to spot and identify. Bug Proof fixes that issue and allows you to inspect your room in roughly 30 seconds. It will tell you where to look and utilizes a flashlight, camera, and zoom lens to help you find bed bugs before they find you. If you think you have a culprit, snap a pic and then compare it against a library of photos that can confirm your suspicions. It’s much easier than looking up Orkin in the yellow pages of whatever city you’re in.


Okay. You’ve made it downtown and you’re circling the conference center in your car. There’s a few parking decks, but they’re a few blocks down and they cost roughly $22 per hour. You could circle the block indefinitely, looking for street parking. SpotHero is here, cape and all, to save you. SpotHero lets you pick the city, pick a date and time, and select what kind of spot you want and then you can book in advance. You can pay ahead of time and know exactly where your whip will chill while you take care of business.


Even if you’ve lived in a major city, or close to, your whole life, public transportation is difficult to keep track of. Between buses, subway systems, commuter rails, it can be a labyrinth to navigate your way around. Transit pulls together every potential transit option and schedule into a dashboard view. It’s essentially putting together a complicated puzzle of getting you from Point A to B. With Transit, you can look less like a bewildered tourist and more like a seasoned vet of whatever city you’re jetting across.

With these 6 apps in your pocket (and your slacks in your suitcase) you’re ready for this trip – or any trip – you embark on.

For an in-depth discussion on some of these apps and others, check out our Inside Business Tech podcast episode on Jason Parkinson's favorite apps while traveling.


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