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Use Augmented Reality to Transform Your Print Marketing

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 7/16/18 10:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
1 minute read


What can you do to set your print marketing apart? In today's digital age, most print marketing collateral takes a long journey from concept to creation to a potential customer's mailbox. Then, it takes a much shorter trip from that mailbox to the nearest dumpster. It's nothing against print: it's just that the way people buy today has changed. Your potential customers are empowered to do their own research on products and services before they buy. Outbound marketing (blasting messages at customers) doesn't gel with how they prefer to do business. What can save your print marketing from the trash heap? Turn your print marketing into a digital experience.

Specifically, turn your print marketing into an augmented reality experience. With a simple trigger and a mobile phone app, your print marketing can go from an annoying outbound piece to an inbound experience. What does 'experience' mean in this context? It means that you're helping your potential customers see your product up close and you're empowering them to explore further. 

Bring Your Product to Life

Augmented Reality (or AR) allows you to view a digital world on top of the physical world. Similar to the smash hit Pokemon Go!, users will see brilliant digital images that appear in the context of the real world. For your business, this means bringing your product to life. Instead of relying on potential customers reading about it, you can show it to them. AR allows for this experience regardless of product size or scale. You can allow potential customers to "place" a full-sized car in their driveway so that they can check out colors, features, and add-ons before making a purchase. Instead of mailing a brochure to a customer, mail them the entire car. 

Captivate Potential Customers 

People today are used to going to the internet to do their own research on products and services. If you want to continue to succeed using outbound methods, you're going to need to be extra engaging and put the power in your potential customer's hands. Print with AR does that. It gives your potential customers the option of experiencing your product up close. Informational hotspots will allow them to call up more detail when want to, so they can explore at their own pace. AR still has a built-in 'wow' factor that will draw people in, too, giving you a distinct advantage.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you're sending potential customers experiences while your competition is stuck sending brochures, that's a huge leg up. Transform your print marketing now and you'll be on to the next innovation when your competition is just beginning to catch on. Augmented reality is an easy and accessible way to engage with customers and change the way your business is viewed. Don't invest money in print collateral that will be instantly thrown away. Invest in an experience that showcases your product or service and sets you apart for good. 

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