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Use Technology to Sell Better

Posted by Mark Hemmer on 8/31/18 10:00 AM  | 
Mark Hemmer
2 minute read

TechtoSellBetterTechnology has improved every area in business. From marketing to operations to customer service, technology makes things easier, faster, and more effective. That certainly holds true for sales. While traditional wisdom and psychology tend to dominate the sales industry, effective use of technology can make an enormous difference. How your team manages and tracks leads, how your team handles repetitive sales actions, and how your team closes deals can all be improved with technology. Is your team using technology to sell better? If not, here are some ways it can start:

CRM Software

Customer relationship management can be handled in numerous ways. If your team is currently going the 'Post-It notes and Excel spreadsheets' route, it's time for technology to transform your team's process. Using CRM software can make it easy to get a bird's eye view of your pipeline, deal progress, and sales activities. CRM software can keep your team organized and focused. Instead of spending their time trying to straighten out details and remember who to follow up with, the CRM will take care of that for them. That frees them up to spend more time prospecting and more time closing. Good CRM software can handle thousands of contacts and will enable your sales team to operate out of one single hub. Company leadership will have line of sight into the sales process and you'll be able to better contribute to your team's success.

Sales Automation

Technology can automate time-consuming sales tasks. Find CRM software that has sales automation capabilities and take the most tedious sales tasks out of the equation. Your sales team likely spends a considerable part of the day emailing prospects and following up with leads. Automate that process and your sales team can spend less time doing the same things over and over. Artificial intelligence has empowered email drip campaigns and chatbots to handle simple requests and generate canned responses. Your potential customers get the answers they need more quickly and your sales team can put their energy elsewhere. It's a better experience for both sides of the sales process. Automate as much of the sales process as you can and your team will be more effective.

Content for Closers

ABC. When it comes to sales, the acronym needs no explanation. While closers surely appreciate coffee, content helps seal the deal and makes their lives easier. Technology makes it simple to equip your sales team with the content they need to close more deals. Whether it's brilliantly designed print collateral or a blog emailed over ahead of time, original content can help explain products and services and help persuade potential customers to make a buying decision. Better yet, consider using augmented reality or virtual reality to help display your products. With AR, for example, your sales team can take your product with them to a sales call. Potential customers can see a digital version of your product right there and then, solidifying their decision and making life a breeze for your sales team.

Ready to learn more? Interested in exploring what an AR or VR platform can do for your sales process? Reach out to a digital partner today and start using technology to sell better. 

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